All About Connex 3300hp CB Radio

The Connex 3300HP is a popular CB radio that offers powerful performance in a compact design. It features dual finals and output ratings up to 100W, so you can get maximum range from your signal. Additionally, it includes an integrated digital display that shows important information like SWR and PA voltage, allowing you to adjust the settings as needed. Additionally, the radio also has an automatic overdrive noise reducing function for clearer transmission.

What is Connex 3300hp CB Radio?

Here is another lower price range amateur radio that worked actually well for us. It is made by Connex which has been manufacturing good radios in this product niche for a long time now. The Connex 3300hp appears to be way more powerful than the 40 watts it shows it has and was extremely impressive right out of the box.

As far as looks go it is a smooth looking model that lights up well at night and can be adjusted for brightness. The controls are all there on the front of the unit and there are various adjustments to help make the clarity of your conversations as perfect as possible.

The channel selector is a large display so on the off chance that you mount this in your vehicle it is easy to change channels even while driving. This 10 meter radio has a bunch of things you can do with it and a few controls. A couple of its best features are an automatic noise limiter that works great and what they call a noise blanker.

The AM and FM modes are easy to switch between and the roger beep is a pleasant additional as well. There are additionally 6 bands on this radio that you can choose from. It is a decent inexpensive unit that is incredible for beginners or considerably experienced amateur radio operators. It makes for a standout amongst the best 10 meter CB radios period.

User Reviews About Connex 3300hp CB Radio

Users generally have positive things to say about the Connex 3300HP CB radio. Many say that the radio is powerful and intuitive, allowing for easy adjustment of settings. Others note that it has a clear reception and limited static. The majority of reviews also mention that the built-in digital display is helpful for staying on top of changes in settings.


In conclusion, the Connex 3300HP CB radio is a powerful and intuitive device that offers crystal-clear reception and limited static. Its built-in digital display is helpful for quickly monitoring and adjusting settings, while its automatic overdrive noise reducing function ensures that your signal is always clear. The radio’s durable design allows it to withstand harsh weather and its easy installation makes it perfect for anyone looking to set up quickly.