The Ranger TR-966 SSB CB Radio

The Ranger TR-966 SSB CB Radio is a professional-grade CB/SSB radio designed for maximum performance. It features a rugged and durable construction, along with advanced signal processing technology, dual voltage operation, multiple switchable channels and frequencies, and an adjustable microphone gain control. The radio also has a large LCD display for easy readability and a pre-tuned antenna for optimal signal reception.

What is Ranger TR-966 SSB CB Radio?

The Texas Ranger TR-900 Series includes a new face plate style and the “new circuit design” idea by Ranger Communications, Inc. Manufactured with ruggedness, durability, and reliability at the top of the priority list, which enables us to offer a 2-year guarantee. These models will fulfill your requirements for a high performance AM only or AM/SSB radio and do it with style.

Built with the view of the trucker, the low component profile technique of manufacturing the TR-900 series offers extraordinary vibration resistance for those rough uses, For example, the intense treatment that a radio receives while installing in an 18 wheeler. Persistent bouncing and jarring will have no impact on these models.

Additionally, with the new voltage fluctuation protection circuitry, you don’t have any stresses about the extremes you experience on start-ups and other varying voltage issues. The TR-900 Series includes the new Ranger exclusive “Advanced Noise Filter Circuit” for better signal to noise ratio, giving high noise rejection ability that others simply guarantee they have. This one works! You will in a flash notice minor signals fly in better when you turn on the switch and tune in to your reception with a quieter signal.

If you want a radio with the capacities of receiving the weather channels, at that point pick the AM/SSB Uniden 980 model. An attribute of the Ranger WX radios is that when you switch to WX position, it will consequently scan all 7 NOAA weather channels and find the closest one to you. Presently, driving across country you don’t need to try to recall which channel is for the zone you are in or continue switching channel numbers to locate the weather station close you.

Ranger’s remarkable scan feature does it just for you. It additionally joins an Alert feature that will warn you of impending severe climate conditions. The TR-969WX also features “Roger Beep” and a variable talk back control.


You don’t want weather channels? The COBRA 148 GTL  AM/SSB or only the SR-955 HPC AM/SSB was manufactured just for you. With the TR-936, we have incorporated the roger beep feature, variable dimmer control, and variable tone control so you can alter the sound to exactly how you like to hear it out. For the SSB users, the TR-966 features a clarifier control, hi/low tone switch, and a bright/dim switch.