All About AnyTone AT-5555N SSB Radio

The AnyTone AT-5555N is a powerful CB radio that offers excellent performance in a compact design. It features dual finals and output ratings up to 100W, so you can get maximum range from your signal. Additionally, it includes an integrated digital display that shows important information like SWR and PA voltage, allowing you to adjust the settings as needed. The radio also has an automatic overdrive noise reducing function for clearer transmission.

What Is AnyTone AT-5555N?

If you’re ideally searching for a custom 10-meter radio that gives every one of the advantages and features you’ve been searching for but comes with the remarkable ability to effortlessly convert into a truly necessary 11-meter radio, turn your concentration to the AnyTone AT-5555N.

Actually, this radio is so effectively converted to an 11-meter since you just have to alter your frequency bands using the dials on the device itself. Then again, you can call up an AnyTone expert whenever to talk you through the process. Whichever structure you need to have your radio in, you’ll have access to more than 40 programmable channels in each band.

In any case, what we truly love about this radio is its capacity to plug in and control any types of media or input that you have to utilize. This incorporates FM, AM, PA and LSB frequencies. It even incorporates USB compatibility! You can likewise adjust your settings using the 1.5KHz Clarifier, or just program your device by connecting it to a computer.

Some of the other basic features you’ll discover here incorporate a dual-watch setting, custom RF gain, full control on your talkback settings, TOT and SWR functions, various (Beep) voice prompts, group memory channels (all of which are programmable) key-lock function and even power voltage control protection.

Taking a breath, there’s even a built0in 8-ohm speaker, a remarkable frequency response range of 300-3000Hz for AM/FM channels and 450-2500Hz for SSB wavelengths, guaranteeing the greatest dimension of connectivity.

This device even comes with a 1-year free warranty, so you can make certain that this is the device you’ve been searching for with regards to 10-meter radios. All things considered, what else would you say you are going to require, particularly when you consider the very reasonable price tag?


  • Multiple power voltage settings
  • 40 programmable channels
  • Effectively changes over into a 10-meter radio
  • Built-in 8-ohm speaker
  • Automatic gain control


  • Can’t change LED backlight color (Red)
  • Doesn’t come with programming software
  • Does exclude PL board

Bottom Line:

AnyTone AT-5555N is one of the best HAM radios you can find, however, can easily be transformed into a CB radio in the event that you need it to. As purchasing AnyTone AT-5555N means getting a 2-in-1 product, it implies that its cost is a long way from being high.