How To Connect Your CB Antenna With Car?

Connecting your CB antenna to your car is an easy process that requires just a few simple steps. First, you’ll need to choose a secure mounting location for your antenna such as the roof or bumper of your vehicle. Next, make sure you have the necessary mounting hardware and attach your antenna to it.

Finally, connect the coaxial cable to your antenna and the CB radio and you’re ready to go! Additionally, it’s important to adjust the SWR to ensure your antenna is properly tuned and you’re getting maximum range from your signal.

If you want to start your journey with your CB radio, then don’t worry this article will be always available for your help for continuing your journey with your CB radio. obviously the main component of your CB system.

How to Choose your Best CB antenna

There are some of aspects which are necessary for choosing the best cb antenna. For as much as we know that Citizen band contain about 11.0 m wavelength and an Best CB Antenna will be obviously 36 feet tall (11 m).

But we can’t mount it with this height due to many issues like parking your vehicle in garage. Generally, CB Antenna performance is directly proportional to its length. Higher the length, Greater will be the performance.

Examine the height rules. May be you are parking your vehicle in garage. Or may be you are concerned with aesthetics. So, if you want to that your best cb antenna walk on a proper way. Then you must have to set its length about 36 inches. ( 91.4cm) long. And place or you can say “Mount” it as higher as much as you can.

Magnetic Mount CB Antennas

Well I give the best suggestion that Roof will be the best option for that. And yes try it to place in the center of roof. As we know that Magnetic Mount CB Antennas are well made as Stryker SR-A10 and Sirio 5000, even for permanent installation.

Actually these type of CB Antennas are already made for this kind of job. So be relax, don’t worry about the grounding issues. And yes they comes along with their coaxial cables.

Sneak the coaxial cable through an opening from the antenna into the vehicle

Be careful with doors. Because it can harm your coaxiable cable easily. So for this I will give you a best opinion that side windows are best option for that. Because there the rubber gasket which will not harm the coaxial cable. And they will be protect from excessive ware. Don’t bend the coaxial cable like a coil. Because it can easily create RF chokes for you.

Tune the CB antenna

In spite of, all the CB radio experts say so, but majority folks don’t give attention to it. Those who do not pay attention to the tuning of CB Antennas, can face problems later. Performance is not ideal.

5 Important Tips & Alerts

  1. Magnetic Mounts CB Antennas are the best CB antennas, especially if you’re not up to working hard on an install.
  2. If you are facing issues to place it on truck, then the roof will be the best option for that.
  3. Be careful with your coaxial cable because without it your CB Antenna is just like a fan without its blades. Do not place it doors and don’t coil it up because it can create RF chokes for your coaxial cable.
  4. Don’t start your transmission on radio without connecting your CB Antenna.
  5. As we say above that CB Antenna performance is directly proportional to its length so, if you are free from obstacles like tree or garage then you can place taller whip other wise you can’t.