Why SR-A10 Is Top Rated Antenna?

The SR-A10 antenna is highly rated because it provides excellent performance in the 5GHz frequency range. It also features a durable design, so it can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Additionally, it offers easy installation and setup, allowing you to start using it quickly. Finally, its high-gain directional design ensures that you’re getting maximum range from your signal.

You all Know Installing a CB system is an art in itself. Proper functioning of a CB radio depends on the technically correct installation of the CB antenna with it. I have recently completed my research on CB antennas, and I found Stryker SR-A10 on top of the line.

Why is SR-A10 Top Rated?

There can be many reasons for it but let me share the main 3 reasons with you.

  • Awesome SWR
  • Great Range
  • Design

How To Get Perfect SWR With Sr-A10

What SWR meter gives you also depends on your antenna’s length. Yes, depending on your ANTENNA LENGTH. So you first need to adjust it to the required height. There are Four Standards to consider here. If SWR reading from channel 40 is higher than that recorded on channel 1, the antenna is longer than required.

If SWR reading from channel 1 is higher than that recorded on channel 40, the antenna is shorter than required. If SWR reading from channel 40 is more significant than that recorded on channel 1, the antenna is more extended than required. If SWR reading from channel 1 is higher than that recorded on channel 40, the antenna is shorter than required.

SWR Readings

It is essential to understand what each of the SWR readings means and how they affect the CB system’s performance.

SWR 1.0 – 1.5:

This range is the ideal one. It has those values that would identify your system as a healthy and safe CB system. You can still achieve 1.0, which is the ideal reading, by tuning your antenna even more or shifting it to a more suitable location on the vehicle.

SWR 1.5 – 1.9:

This range is generally the one that has the most commonly obtained SWR readings for all types of vehicles. In standard practice, we can’t get the ideal SWR readings, so we usually fall in this category that also assures us of acceptable performance levels. If you still want to bring your SWR reading down, then it is essential to get hold of the best CB antenna possible and mount it on the roof of your vehicle most preferably.

SWR 2.0 – 2.4:

This range is an average one but still not very harmful for the CB Systems to operate in this range. Just change your antenna or mounting location if you want to lower these readings to more suitable and safer ones.

SWR 2.5 – 2.9:

This range marks the start of the red zone where you cannot operate your CB system safely as these high SWR readings would damage your system one way or the other. Try your best to bring these readings down for an optimal CB experience.

SWR 3.0+:

This range is the most unacceptable and dangerous one to operate your radio. Performance of your system would deteriorate, and you would need to ask for severe repairs if you continue to transmit in this range.

Discover Great Range with SR-A10

You can determine the range of your CB antenna yourself but for that let’s take a look at the factors that have the most significant influence on the range of a CB Antenna. longer antennas are preferred. For better range

Tucker’s And Cber’s

Don’t forget the design and configuration of the antenna also matters. Compactness and position of the coil are some other factors contributing to the changes in the range. Center-loaded antennas are known to have great ranges among all the available types.

When deciding on the best location for placing the CB antenna, put it as high on your vehicle as possible because Antennas installed at the covered points or nooks always give a poor range.