Discover Complete Guide to Antenna Cables & Connectors

All the CB antennas come with a coaxial cable and the connector that best fit with the system.

But these two components are available in different quality levels that can affect the signal strength received and transmitted by your CB antenna.

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October 4 National CB Radio Day

Trucker’s & Cber’s

Today is a special day for Citizens Band enthusiasts. It’s National CB Radio Day!

On October 2, 1978, President Jimmy Carter issued a statement proclaiming October 4 (10-4) as National CB Radio Day.

He acknowledged the use of CB radio for emergency communications both on and off the road and noted that the use of radio enabled citizens to actively participate in the enhancement of public safety.

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How To Connect Your CB Antenna With Car


If you want to start your journey with your CB radio, then don’t worry this article will be always available for your help for continuing your journey with your CB radio. obviously the main component of your CB system.

How to Choose your Best CB antenna

There are some of aspects which are necessary for choosing the best cb antenna. For as much as we know that Citizen band contain about 11.0 m wavelength and an Best CB Antenna will be obviously 36 feet tall (11 m).

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Guide to Choosing Your First Radio

Choosing the right radio is one of the most important decisions in the life of a new amateur radio operator or more specifically a ‘Ham’. There can be many options in the market that can blur your thoughts and can lead you to choosing the wrong equipment for your first usage.

This choice can destroy your experience completely and you might never return to operating a Ham radio again. Sometimes the views of others can also change your mind drastically about your purchase.

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