The Galaxy DX 979 SSB CB Radio

The Galaxy DX 979 SSB CB Radio is a reliable, high-performance CB/SSB radio that features advanced digital signal processing technology and state-of-the-art components. It offers multiple power levels, frequency step sizes, noise reduction, one-touch tuning, and an adjustable microphone gain control. The radio also has a large LCD display for easy readability, as well as a switchable antenna jack for added convenience.

What is Galaxy DX 979 SSB CB Radio?

I’ve been a big fan of the Galaxy DX 959 for quite a while so when I heard that Galaxy was manufacturing the DX 979 I was really excited. This new radio was smaller and furthermore joined the StarLite faceplate so I set aside some cash and waited for it to come out.

Somewhere along the way, I got derailed, and my cash got spent elsewhere. I didn’t purchase a 979 when they first came out and I just at long last got one last month, however better late than never. The size of this radio inspires from the first time you see it. Adding to this small impression is a front facing microphone jack. In general, this is an extremely compact unit.

While I’ve preferred continuously the DX 959 the five digit counter is basically pointless for SSB use, so I really prefer the 979’s capacity to include an external six-digit counter effectively by simply plugging it in.

Factory Talkback – This is an extraordinary feature to hear how unique microphones sound, or in case you’re the type to include an echo microphone you’ll have the capacity to listen to how many echoes to include.

The level of talkback is unstable so you can have it nice and loud, or keep it barely audible. The radio additionally has an auto-calibrating SWR feature, so no more messing with an adjustment knob. Only set it to the SWR position, and it will disclose to you what you have to know.

There’s additionally an SWR warning light if it ever jumps to a high level.
I turned up the modulation, and the radio indeed comes alive. I attempted a power mic and furthermore an SR-65BC, and with both, I was welcomed with loud and clear audio.

It’s punchy like the 959, yet I observed it is ever so slightly softer in the tone which makes for more pleasant listening on the other end. The reception is excellent; however, the noise filtering isn’t exactly as good as the DX 959, SR-955HPC, or other SSB radios. It has an NB/ANL position yet it doesn’t appear to filter as well as that equivalent position on other radios.

In spite of the background noise is somewhat much louder when used mobile I found the sensitivity on the receive compensated for it enabled me to hear stations some of my older radios weren’t picking up. There are loads of fun mods for this radio. You can include additional channels, a roger beep just by including a jumper between two points and you can likewise unlock the clarifier.


My general impression of this radio is sure. Indeed the drift on the Galaxy SSB radios can be a bit of irritating however you’re rewarded with amazing receive, transmit output, and that incredible Galaxy audio. Furthermore, this model has the StarLite faceplate, small size and front-facing microphone, and only a considerable amount of other extraordinary features and possible mods.