SR-955HPC SSB CB Radio

mr.x 955hpc ssb cb radio
Picture credit: MR.X

The SR-955HPC is no doubt the current TOP OF THE LINE Sideband Mobile 10~11 Meter mobile radio on the market today. After peaking the AM Modulation inside, SR-955HPC is an AM Audio Monster and have to cut the Mic Gain back to 11 O’ Clock to use with my SR-65bc noise canceling mic or will be overmodulated. Very stable on sideband with all reports being fair on AM & SSB.

Frequency counter reads out to 100 cycles. SR-955HPC radio scans 40 channels in each band and you can lock out channels that you do not want to scan.

Has 10 bands of 40 channels. Inside this radio has surface mount parts design for increased reliability and performance. Like the receive audio also has a nice display.

Transmits well with good modulation. SR-955HPC performed flawlessly out of the box and every conceivable bell and whistle an operator could ask for out of this type of radio.

It has a full 70 watts of communication power which should satisfy pretty much anyone who uses this model radio. It even gives you an option to select between five different roger beeps.

It only weighs a little more than six pounds and is easy to mount just about anywhere.

Even coming out of the box this unit (see full specs) looked incredible with its sleek control system that has everything located where it is easy to operate so you can expand your radio communication experience.

SR-955 Tune-Up Report

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