Inside Wilson 5000 CB Antenna

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A very catchy statement by Wilson, “The Name in Over the Road Communication.” Yes! This was “Jim Wilson” behind the Wilson electronics.

When you look in past there were few brands manufacturing CB Antennas. Wilson was one of them. Now if you visit the CB market you will find large variety antenna brands. It’s very difficult to decide which one is best for you. For us, the best one is always that suite your needs and able to perform top notch in bad weather situations.


wilson 5000 cb antenna


Wilson 5000 CB antenna gained a lot of fame. It is manufactured in China. Before going in depth details let’s check out important features.

  1. Rated to 5,000 watts AM/ 20,000 SSB.
  2. Magnetic mount with 62.5″ Whip
  3. 18’ of attached CB Coax.
  4. Made with high impact mobay thermoplastic.
  5. Frequency Ranges from 26 MHz to 30 MHz
  6. One year limited warranty.

If you are someone who runs power then the Wil 5000 magnet mount is the choice for you. It’s the same basic design as the Wil 1000 but it incorporates a 6 gauge coil instead of the 10 gauge on the 1000. The point is, many of Chinese version antennas cost less than $100. And transmit & receive approximately the same distance (6 to 7 miles). No doubt that Wilson electronics gained a lot of fame in ON/OFF road communications. But the price tags for their products are quite high. So, most of CB users than prefer these affordable Chinese CB antennas.

We had posted a blog Best CB Antennas for 2015 . We ranked Wil 5000 magnetic mount CB antenna  the third Number, due some of problems with this antenna. You have heard many times Wilson CB Antenna & water problems. Ole’ Grampa doing his thing! Is the one that had a YouTube channel, explains about water problems with this antenna.

The famous CB experts “cbradiomagazine” had mentioned in the article “Sirio Performer 5000 PL Antenna” that:

“Part of the reason the magnet on the Sirio is larger than the Wilson is that antenna is longer, but also because the base load section is slightly taller than the Wilson. This means more weight is distributed up the antenna than the Wilson and under top highways speeds it does have more force working upon its surface.”


The Coax cable used is RG 58. If you think that your budget is high then use RG-8X or Firestik that will supply and transmit better range & can survive for better time. The Wilson 5000 Magnetic CB Antenna  is a convenient antenna, with a floating coil designed to withstand severe weather. Rated for 5,000 watts AM and 20,000 SSB, this rig handle high-powered radios. The screw-off coil allows the antenna to separate at the coax-wired base for convenience entering low-clearance areas or for temporary antenna storage.

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