Stryker Radios in Japan

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One of the Stryker radios customer in Japan named as Masa, well you can see his profile also on twitter (@mmy385) got the SR-94 HPC 10-meter radio. And everyone knows that the competency of amateur radios has no limits.

It is in all over the world. Congratulations Masa on getting the Stryker SR-94 HPC 10 meter radio. Thoughts of Masa On Stryker SR-94 HPC 10 meter radio

Pictures from Massa:

Stryker radiosStryker SR-94 HPC 10 meter radio

Stryker Radios have also given a thankful message to him on their Facebook page post. Let’s see what Stryker Radios says about him.


You can also buy the Stryker SR-94 HPC 10 meter radio:

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