SR-955 HPC Radio – Deep inside It

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This article helps SR-955 HPC 10 meter radio Users, What is best in it and things that most of users don’t know about it. So stick your Eyes and be prepared for to do some reading.

SR-955 HPC was introduced by Stryker-Radios in starting of 2012. This sensational radio was long awaited and has finally emerged as the fruit of the tireless efforts of Stryker along with its manufacturers and design experts. SR-955 HPC is recognized as a powerful SSB radio with the entire standard features of its ancestor AM radios while providing advanced features of the SSB facility.

SR-955 HPC first look

First impress was a neat and shining radio out of the box,  That was packed with

Stryker SR-955 HPC 10 meter radio

Stryker SR-955 HPC 10 meter radio

  • Caution that to use without FCC license may be unlawful.
  • Manual.
  • Microphone
  • Mounting Bracket + Hardware.

All the SSB radios introduced till date have offered the same issue year after year i.e. a strong frequency drift during SSB operations. Although the Magnum 257, Optima, and RCI 29xx series have been free from this flaw but generally this issues has made SSB operations quite tough for a normal user. Another issue bothering the users was that SSB radios, despite of their ability to work on the SSB mode, performed better on the AM mode instead. So the SR-955 HPC was introduced as a solution to these problems because it is capable of operating with the same stability on all the modes and provides a consistent performance throughout.

Display of SR-955 HPC

After connecting it with 13.8 Volts battery all you feels will an eye catching display. That is loved by most of its Users and also we love its unique LED back-lit lighting system. It is adjustable with the unique Dimmer control to the level where you find it suitable for your eye sight. The channel and meter display compliment this lighting system and you can monitor them conveniently from a distance as well. There is plenty of illumination on the front panel as well as the component labeling due to which you can easily manage the radio in all sorts of lighting conditions.

Source : M0WBK Reviews

Multiple Color LED System

You can choose your favorite color for display.  Following are the color.

  • Red.
  • Purple.
  • Green with two shades.
  • Blue with two shades.
  • Bluish white tone.

Roger Beeps

Problem with many radios is annoying beeps. But if you are really a fan of roger beeps then sr-955 hpc will have this excitement feature of customizing beeps with PC software which you can download from Stryker-Radios website. The pre-loaded beeps can be selected through the programming menu. You can also switch roger beep feature on and off with a switch on the front of the radio.

Modifying for Frequency changes

Many of CB dealers modified it to CB frequencies.  But this transceiver is for 10-meter-only mode (ham frequencies) but after remodeling its frequency may vary from 24.000 MHz to 30.0150 MHz.

SR-955 HPC power of Transmitting and Receiving Signals

The Stryker SR-955 HPc 10 meter radio has great output: 75-85 watts on SSB and around 65 watts on AM. There is a bit small noise similar to many radios, but overall receive is pretty much great. For SSB receive is awesome after some warm up, voice sound so much natural. Great transmit from this radio, many of people on air asking what kind of radio you are in with. We had tried a variety of but radio with is microphones is almost a king.


Before giving you a conclusion I finally decided to list down some of Pros and Cons of this radio.



Hardly ever may be the stock microphone the best choice for just about any radio however in my personal checking with some other mics it got the best grades. So great job to Stryker on finding out steps to make a stock mike sound much better on their own radio.

SSB Stable

The modern engineering used on the SR-955 HPC has got made a radio which has so small drift it’s a non-issue which is actually a big deal for SSB operators who use export radios. Usually the export industry has had a ton of radios which were high in volume on AM and okay on SSB but would drift in all places. 



Price for this radio is slightly high approaching $350.00 but it also depend upon where you want to buy this.

Stryker did special with this particular radio plus they accomplished it by hearing their customer base. Radio was a very long time heading out however they were able to mix the simplicity of use featuring of the old export radios with the elevated power, features like  software options and frequency stability are latest and newer for this radios.

For Finding more about SR-955 HPC :

Thank you for reading.


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6 thoughts on “SR-955 HPC Radio – Deep inside It

  1. Thrice87

    People call this a “glorified cb radio” that may be the case if you modify it, but this is meant to be a 10 meter radio. What you do to it after you buy it is totally up to you, I like it for listening so I really don’t care. The color changing display is great if you want a different look. The only downside is the lack of help that You get directly from Stryker. They don’t have any information on programming or anything else with the radio. I did some research and finally figured things out while waiting for this radio. Overall I like this Stryker radio over their other three models because of the fact that it has the most features for my needs, the SSB and potential to customize the radio with my name is awesome. TIP: the software was only working for me with a Windows based computer, Not with my Mac. I’m lucky to have the option of both.

    1. Thrice87

      You want a supply that can draw 10 amps at 13.8 volts. It should also be regulated to prevent voltage drop when you transmit. Hope ten meters opens up soon.

  2. mark jimmy

    955 is an excellent radio for SSB or AM, and it shines on SSB. You don’t need a power mic for this radio stock mic works just fine!

  3. Robert

    After reading other reveiws( the negative ones ) i would say these poeple are too stupid and have no buiz buying or operating the fine as kind equipment…this is an export ham radio…out of the box it will only do the 28 mhz band..if you are buying this radio as a citezens band radio then modifications will need to be done..after clipping the very tiny almost microscopic resistor on the inside of will open up the bands from 25 mhz to 30 mhz or something close to that effect..the radio itself is bad @$$..adjustable wattage from .5 w to 60 w..great on air audio..styker hit a home run with this mobile unit am,fm,usb, skip all day long with this thing from literaly coast to coast..bells and whistles galore..

  4. Marvin

    Stryker 955 is an excellent radio for SSB or AM, and it shines on SSB. You don’t need a power mic for this radio stock mic works just fine! I get tons of positive reports of how clean and crisp this radio sounds over the air. Solid buy


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