CB Radio Lingo – Oil Crisis Encouraged CB Radios

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“What’s your handle?” , “What’s your twenty?”,”Smokey Report”, “Seat Cover”. What encourages CB’ers to invent CB Radio Lingo.

Two main causes behind CB Radio Expansion.

  1. 55 mph law in December 1973.
  2. 1970’s Oil Crisis. 

55 mph law in December 1973 : A story behind CB Radio Lingo

On December 04 – 1973, over 100 truckers protest  the 55 mph law, by blocking in Pennsylvania. The Teamstars ask the congress to raise the speed limit to 60 mph for trucks. Congress says “No”. Truckers get around 55mph limit by using their CBs. Now this was the time when they invent their own language. CB Radio Lingo. They use CBs to tell each other where Police cars are. Cb Radio Lingo was their mask at that time. These CB Radio lingo helped them mostly to identify Police Cars.  “Bear”. These rebellious trucker became romanticized by Hollywood “Convoy” & “Smokey and Bandit”. Number of CB license application was more than 250,000 at that era. Majority of applications aren’t from truckers. It was part of pop culture.Sad action was many accidents happened due cb radio antenna installations. According to reports it was 156 injuries at the end of 1976.  

CB Radio Lingo

CB Radio Accidents

1970’s Oil Crisis Encouraged CB Radios

The scenario for the CB radios was completely different during the 70’s and 80’s. Many critical changes in the world environment brought about the fame of these amazing devices and made them expand at a rapid pace. The biggest contributor to the CB radio expansion was the Oil Crisis of 1973.
Announcement of license

CB Radio lingo

Initially, back in late 90s, Amateur radios were the most commonly used devices that were dependent on the amplification or frequencies. At that time, this usage was not restricted by any governmental regulationsat all that led to an anarchic condition among all the Amateur Radio Stations. It was then felt that the usage of these radios should be allowed to its license holders only and certain rules and regulations should be formulated in order to reduce this chaos. Carefully designed tests were taken from the ones who wished to own an Amateur radio but only the most fortunate ones used to clear these tests as they were bitterly difficult.

Oil Crisis Effects

cbradio expanison

This strictly governed scenario led to the invention of the CB radio by 1945. At the beginning, CB radios were also subject to many governmental regulations but their ownership was not as expensive and cumbersome as that of the Amateur radios. One was able to obtain its license by paying a meagre fee for it. Although those CB radios featured limited specs and channels at that time, yet they were able to meet the expectations of the people who were badly in need of this means of communication. Then the infamous Oil Crisis took place that created havoc and elevated the gas prices drastically. Now the drivers, especially those of the large trucks and Lorries, were forced to drive at a speed of 55mph. What this did to CB radios was to increase their demand tremendously among the general public and resultantly the CB radios became the fastest growing trend.

CB Radio Expansion

After that, CB radios started finding their use in all the vehicles as well as in houses for the purpose of instant communication and networking. These devices soon became the portal where thousands of people were able to communicate freely. Now the CB radios have expanded to this extent that they no longer can be considered anything less than your virtual guide and an instant connector on the go. People have developed new techniques for making their CB radios work most ideally in any situation by adding filters and amplifiers where necessary. These innovations kept adding up together and finally led to the creation of the CB radios we find in the markets nowadays.

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