Modulation – what is it & how much you need?

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In the normal routine, you’ve listened from one operator asking from the other one that “How is the modulation of my CB radio?” This question is too much common among us. And it is guaranteed that every CB’er will ask this question from itself?
If we read the word “MODULATION” some kind of tricky technical word. Right? But today in this article, we will do our best.


Inherently, it is necessary to associate the audio – frequency wave with a carrier – wave slowly to be transmitted over the radio. Each of two, the amplitude of the radio or the frequency perhaps altered. AM (Amplitude Modulation) is the mode which is commonly used by CB – radios.

The process of modulation:

During the time of using CB radio, your words get on the mic, after that, your words see the path for modulating circuit of the radio, there it goes. Obviously, it will make the modulation which was added to your carrier. There is no difference between the waves of the sea and the modulating radio wave. Higher the vertex of the wave, higher the modulation. OR you can call it as “maximum modulation”.

Higher and Lower Modulation:

Here we are thinking that what we can take another name to the modulation. Think what will be the second name? Tell us if you can. Ok about modulation, if you will talk so generously and little bit softly, then, of course, the peak of modulation wave will be smaller or you can say less than 100%. And when you will speak something like “AAAAAAAA” We mean little bit loud, then there is no doubt that the modulation will be 100%.

A large number of CB radios made have potentiometer which is installed by a company internally. Basically, it is used for the regulation of modulation of the radio. The industries install these potentiometers, so at the time of testing of the radio, the modulation level credibly appoints to an industry term very comfortably.

You can also see the below image that how modulation works:

Modulation process of CB Radio
Modulation Process.

Everyone knows that the modulation can affect the output of the Radio. Because With the increase of modulation, the output will also be increase. There is a funny thing here that some of the CB’ers set the modulation of their radio on 80% because of FCC rules. 😉

Another typical modulation that some CB’ers do in their radios is that internally turn up the modulation regulation because by doing this, the modulation produced will be equal to 100%. Some radios do not have the potentiometer, so in that case, they have to remove the resistor or will advance the centralized value within the resistor.

There are some words which deliver in low tunes and some people who can’t speak with the loud tune. So in this case, the result will be not on the list of 100% modulation. Well, for solving this major problem we have an awesome solution. Use the power microphone with high gain radios. That radios must have some kind of certain circuits which will help you to recognize the Up and down of the voice and will shift it into the 100% modulation.

If you are using the CB radio of 4 watts of power and when you will implement the modulation, automatically the output of the CB radio will boost up. If we notice carefully, then by the implementation of modulation about 50% will give you approx. 7 watts of output. And maybe you will get 12 watts of output with applying the 100% modulation. Seeing that output can also take interest in the distance and the power of your transmission.

A step above modulation can be like entering in a Risky sector.

As from the start, we are saying that 100% modulation is perfect for your CB radio. So it is clear that if you will take any kind of step for going further than the 100% modulation, some kind of dreadful stuff can appear like you can say FALSE EMISSION and misrepresentation.

 Over Modulation: How & Why?

The majority of folks made mistakes in some places, the first cause of over modulation is that they will do a little modification in their absolute maximum by accustoming the internal modulation potentiometer. After this, they will fix a high gain microphone in it. This can easily cause a high modulation obviously more than 100%.

And there is no doubt in it that the over-modulation will make the words of CB operator like “sevenkhiiiiihrrrthree” or you can call it cracked sound.

Well, there is no doubt in it that everyone wants to hear neat and clean sound during jaw-jaw on their CB Radio. And everything is cleared now about modulation that what is it and how much amount of modulation do you need? And what are the causes of over modulation and how it occurs? So see you in next article.

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