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Here is a complete checklist of what you will need for making your CB installation successful:


CB Radio –It is the central part of the system. Along with it, you should have a mounting bracket, a microphone and a power cord in the same kit.
CB Antenna –This is a must buy as your system won’t operate without it. Make sure you buy the top quality CB antenna, even if you have to invest more in it.
CB Antenna Mount –This part would be required for attaching the antenna to the vehicle’s chassis. Some antennas like magnetic mount, trunk-lip or roof antennas have this part in-built.
Coax Cable –This cable creates the connection between the CB radio and the antenna. In case of magnet mount, trunk-lip or roof antennas, coax cable would be connected to the antenna mount.
SWR Meter –This tool is the most crucial one when it comes to tuning your CB antenna properly. This component can be built into your CB radio or can be obtained separately as well. This tool is also necessary to buy because without it, you can’t tune and adjust your antenna accurately and are likely to obtain poor performance and high SWR readings.


Spring – This component is used to make a CB antenna a bit longer than its original length and for adding flexibility to its main body. These are placed between the antenna whip and the mount of the antenna.
Antenna Quick Disconnects – These components allow easily detachment of the antenna from the mount without employing any tools for it.
PA Horn – This is a special type of speaker that has PA horn and is mounted outside the vehicle. It is used for communicating outside the vehicle on special occasions.

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