CB Radio Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

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It’s a famous say that, “The future depends on what you do today.” The popular CB radios once enjoyed, became the symbol of success for the means of communication. The user base was so huge during that times, but we can’t expect this technology to regain that popularity because latest technologies are hitting the market daily, This rapid innovation has totally changed the scenario for the CB radio future.

Moreover, the users of the radios also have deviated their interest towards technologies. This results from a dramatic change in the usage of the CB radios. But still, there is a hope that CB Radio communication system can’t be ignored. There are many loyal users who still want this technology back with a bang but the majority of the users have moved on. Now in this age of Internet, this manual kind of radio service has started to be considered as an outdated means of communication as there are better options with efficient performance available at affordable costs nowadays that are certainly without any kind of restrictions. These features are further reducing the market scope of the CB radios rapidly. There are some reasons that might bring its popularity back to its peak as it was previously in the history. Radios Guide will show some facts that will make this happen if you want to know the details read the full article. If you want to add something or have any query mention it in your comments.

Before going into the details of the CB Radio future, Radios Guide wants you to know some history related to the CB radios. How CB radio came into being, how it was useful, what make them popular and furthermore.

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1 – History

cb radio history

CB radio that we are enjoying today is a result of an innovative idea that was implemented in the U.S.A in 1945. This invention was capable of making the radio facility open to the general public over short ranges for two-way communication. At the infant stage of this invention, the FCC allowed only a limited number of UHF frequencies for this service. It was also coming out to be quite expensive due to which the manufacturers had to stop the further production of this CB radio.

1.1 – How they started

In 1958, the real Citizens Band came into being as the FCC allowed the 27 MHz band to have more of the frequencies to be used by the public. Now the users were allowed to access 23 channels over this frequency range and these devices could now be operated in the AM mode.

1.2 – Legendary Fame

By 1970’s, the CB reached its peak of popularity because they had become very common for a localized two-way communication among all the truckers for the purpose of general interaction as well as for the purpose of trade. It also was promoted very positively among the public because of some of the most remarkable movies of Hollywood created during that times.

That times, the oil crisis hit the market, which resulted in a serious shortfall of the fuel supply and prices of fuel touched its peak. To cope with this scenario, United States government had to impose a speed limit for all the drivers, including the truckers. This was the time when the CB radios began to be used more frequently because truckers felt the need of communicating with each other whenever they found the source of fuel somewhere.

The call-sign handles were made by the trucker to hide their identity over the CB network for communicating with the other drivers to inform them about the possible traps that await them on the road. Then gradually the FCC added 17 channels to this band due to the increased demand of the users and its elevated popularity.

1.3 – Popular Magazine S9

Between the 1970s and 1980s, it was the zenith of CB radio, many citizens band-themed magazines appeared. A magazine that took over the time period was S9 CB Radio magazine. It covered hobby radio as well as CB. The same publisher produced a magazine called RADIO! For RadioShack stores in the mid-1990s. There was a vast amount of information in the magazine.

For further details about the History, Read the article CB radio – A journey from 1970’s to 2016 

2 – CB Radio Future

cb radio futureCB was the only practical two‑way radio system for the individual consumer and served several subsets of users such as truck drivers, radio hobbyists, and those in need of short‑range radio communications, such as electricians, plumbers, and carpenters, who needed to communicate between the job site and main office. While some users have moved on to other radio services, CB is still a popular hobby in many countries. The 27 MHz frequencies used by CB, which require a relatively long aerial and tend to propagate poorly indoors, discourage the use of handheld radios. Many users of handheld radios (families, hunters, and hikers) have moved on to 49 MHz and the UHF Family Radio Service, those needing a simple radio for professional use (e.g. tradesmen) have moved on to “dot-color”. Business Band radios and the VHF Multi-Use Radio Service.

CB is still popular among long-haul truck drivers to communicate directions, traffic problems, and other relevant matters. The unofficial “travelers channel” in most of the world is channel 19, in “emergency” 9 and “truckers” 19 channels). These frequencies may have evolved because tuned circuits work best in the middle of the band, the frequency for channel 19 is the center of the 40-channel US band and other things being equal, signals will be transmitted and heard the farthest. CB there is more associated with hobbyists than with truckers.

CB radio is still a popular pastime for many people around the world, but with the advent of the Internet and mobile phones, it is no longer as popular as it once was. It is still used widely by truckers and is particularly useful in rural areas where phone lines cannot be used.

2.1 – Is CB replaced by modern technology?

Upon the invention and refinement of the cell phone and social network, apps and social media, many loyal citizen band radio users abandoned their CBs for the privacy offered by cell phones.  Here’s why CBs might make a comeback. The larger challenges CB faces are competition from other means of communication (cellphones, primarily) and property restrictions that make it impossible to install an effective antenna. CB are not completely replaced by Modern Technology, they are still used by many users and in many occupations. A vast community of truckers is using CB radios. Everyone should have a CB radio knowledge. Manufacturers and Government should play their role to stop the obsolescence of CB, they should improve it with technology and enhance the features. They should also make people aware of the benefits of using CB over modern Technology.

2.2 – Government should play role

The government should play its role in saving the CB communication. The government should introduce some schemes in favor of CB radios knowledge. Some License or training programs should be allotted to the public. The general public should be made aware of the benefits of radio communication over the modern technology. CB radios should be modified with the latest technology in terms of design, size, features and functions.

3 – Benefits of CB Radio

CB Radios are very much beneficial in our daily life. With the introduction of new technologies, people are forgetting its benefits, but let Radios Guide remind all the daily life benefits that a CB radio can help you out.

That they are still being used by a lot of people as it makes communication easier and it is always very easy to use. It is also easy to use mobile phones but some people still prefer to use CB radios over the mobile phone when they are traveling. They are readily available in the market today and the ones that are among manufactured now are less bulky than they used to be before. They make communication easy and you will be able to communicate with anyone you want when you are driving. This will make things easier for you.

There are several advantages of using a CB radio. You don’t need a license to buy a CB radio and this is why a lot of people prefer buying this device. They are also readily accepted by a lot of people when it comes to communicating devices installed in cars. If you want to know about the activity on the highways then you can get to know all the information through the CB radio. You can get a continuous update about what is happening on the highways and then you can plan your journey accordingly.  This way you won’t get stuck in any kind of obstruction. So it can be beneficial to all the travelers when they are going to be driving to faraway places.

Another best advantage is that they are cheap. You won’t have to spend much on buying these and getting them installed. They are readily available in the market and you won’t have any difficulty in finding one. Also, you won’t have to think much before buying one. You can even buy one on the internet at a lesser rate as you have the benefit of comparing rates.

3.1 – Warning & Alerts

  • Helping-hand throughout an Emergency

In the case of any type of emergency, like road closings, departure orders, terrorizations, storms, flood, a CB radio could be very useful. In such cases, a communication is the foremost important thing. This means a user of CB radio can play their role in helping and saving lives of many in an emergency situation.

  • Assist in Alerts about Weather Conditions

The CB Radios also comprises of emergency as well as weather conditions warnings which are manufactured into the operating system of the radio.

  • Inform about the Conditions of the Road

A CB radio also benefits the users in sharing and learning about the existing conditions of the roads. The latest info about the road mishaps, traffic congestions, and interruptions can also be communicated to the other road users so that they can alter their plans as per the requirements.

  • Aware of everything everywhere

You get updates of every certain moment happening around within a seconds, while with new technology (cellular phone, the internet, and other) it takes certain minutes to reach an information. Now you easily communicate with the friends traveling in the different vehicles.

  • Traffic Updates

You are updated with the traffics on the roads on CB before getting into the traffic.

3.2 – Enjoy without getting traffic tickets

  • No traffic tickets while driving

You might get a ticket for using a cell phone while driving, but you never heard of anyone getting a ticket for talking on the CB while driving.

  • Aid for over speeding

It’s helpful for those who like over speeding on Highways and even don’t want to get tickets, they can easily be updated where they can’t get a ticket.

3.3 – Where Cellphone fails CB is still alive

CB works everywhere this even doesn’t need a network, while cell phone don’t work without network coverage. In an emergency situation or any kind of natural disaster, when all the networks go down, CB will still be alive. This is the best means of communication in any natural disaster or emergency. Radios Guide is giving a live example for our valued viewers.

e.g. The 2010 Chile earthquake occurred off the coast of central Chile 27 February, having a magnitude of 8.8 on the moment magnitude scale, with intense shaking lasting for about three minutes. This caused a big disaster and loss of lives. All the means of communications were down. The military found that the only means of communication that is on line is CB Radios & Ham Radios.

 3.4 – No License & free means of Communication

First of all, you’ve freedom to use a CB in your life. There is no authorization needed to operate everyone can use it very easily. There is no cost of communication in using it.

You use cell phones are there are charges included in it, but when you use CB its free means of communication. After purchasing the device, the user does not require to spend any extra cost of using it. In fact, the cost of a high-tech cell phone is quite higher than a normal CB radio.

3.5 – Easy way to make Friends

You can make your social network strong very easily because it’s a two-way communication system, while cellphones need authentication or a valid cell phone number, means you can make friends very easily through CB. You can make friends locally around your area and even around the State or Country.

3.6 – Instruction about the Directions

Usually, the drivers who drive in unacquainted regions consider a CB radio as an outstanding device for receiving correct directions. They may ask other drivers or the users inside the range about the way to get to a specific terminus. This method is quite stress-free than stopping to read a road map and getting to the required place.

3.7 – Locate the Truck Stop & Weight Stations

CB is also helpful for locating the cheapest truck stop, rest areas, restaurants & even you are aware of the nearest weight stations, gas stations or workshops.

cb radio benefitsOver & Out

At the last Radios Guide want to mention that, CB Radio future will be no longer bright if you do not play your role in the society. It’s the responsibility of everyone to make viral the benefits and usage of CB radios among the people. If we don’t play our roles in the society, we can’t save CB radio. There are a lot of CB radio benefits in the modern era, but we’re not properly aware of. We need to educate the people to use the radio communications.

At last, if you like this article of want to share something or have any query, please do mention in your comments.

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