cb radio for emergency communications

CB RADIO for Emergency Communications – It can still SAVE your LIFE

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This article will explain you about:

  • The importance of CB.
  • Channel 9 –Ask for HELP.
  • How it saves Steven Allington LIFE.
  • CB Radio – Benefits over other communications Gadgets.
  • Conclusion.

Many people in the 21st century may think that CB Radio is replaced by modern technologies. Yes, these technology inventors are manufacturing more human able products. But still, CB radios have authority on the road. When it comes to emergency communications, chatting, in route communications, there is still a gap. Just imagine you get stuck on the road and need immediate help then we are quite sure CB communication will be your first priority…..Thinking WHY? Let us explain you:

  1. Instant Channel 9 & 19.
  2. You are communicating without knowing NUMBER.
  3. Free of COST.
  4. All the COMMUNITY listens to your voice.
  5. Never get down during BREAK-DOWN or DISASTER.

Channel 9 – Ask for HELP

When we use CB Radio for emergency communication, Channel 9 is important for CBer’s. Reserved for an emergency by the FCC. If you have a CB Radio you can call for HELP, whether you need help or report any accident, over channel 9. Your voice is immediately is picked by emergency reduce centers, highway patrol or by local police stations. The best way to connect drivers with each other during emergency situations. In rural areas this channel is used by volunteer organizations like REACT (Radio Emergency Associated Communications Teams), and many private individuals still monitor this Channel.

Let’s see how drivers can save their life by using CB Radios while heading towards a destination. Steven Allington trucker shared his story

How it saves Steven Allington LIFE

“I was in Arkansas and i40 going westbound and as I get out construction zone there just pass Memphis just west of Memphis. I hear on radio westbound back it down to 90 the well-known get my number mixed up at 197 there was an accident but poop back was to the 202 203. So I get on radio and is I’m on the radio you know I’m starting to back and sure to get over this hill and boom were stopped, so I got stopped in time but the truck to my left obviously didn’t have a radio almost creamed the three cars in front of him and almost went in the medium. So we are were scrambling trying to get stopped. We’re putting along & everybody warning bothers each other on the radio. Two guys turned on radio and backup are asking what going on you know. I already got a plan they said on radio exit, 202 drops down to 70 Carlisle. I was ready to do that & I hear another caller on the radio westbound back down we have another accident. The guy was freaking out b/c he was to having to call 911. There was two truck, a bus and like four cars involved. All it happen because they didn’t hear about the backup call. The second accident was even worse than the first one. ”

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CB Radio – Benefits over other Communications Gadgets 

  1. CB radio is safest & easiest way to transmit your VOICE while driving specially TRUCK DRIVERS. In 2012 FMCSA restricted texting and the use of handheld mobile phone by a trucker driver as they are operating commercial motor vehicles. And chances of an accident while texting is always higher. Imagine the time you need to launch an app… or Using a hand-held mobile phone is risky because it requires the driver to reach for and dial the phone to make a call. Reaching for a phone out of the driver’s immediate area is risky as well as dialing because these actions take the driver’s eyes off the roadway. But for radio, you only need to press the one-touch button that will ON AIR your TALK.
  2. If your cell phone “Battery is Empty” or “No Network Connection” then it is useless. In hilly & rural areas you have seen no network coverage and during an emergency, most networks get jammed. But CB Radios are quite different, you can convey your message in any disastrous situation. So CB radios are the best way to call emergency service without knowing their number.CB Radio for an emergency is always the first priority.
  3. Every radio on the market is built with Emergency and Weather Alerts System. So you are updated with weather information directly from the nearest National Service Office.
  4. There is no licensing for CB Radios. Anyone can use it except foreign government or representative of the foreign government. Its price is much less as compared to cell phones.
  5. Driving long routes especially for truckers is uncomfortable & lonely. So for the trucker, it’s FUN to be active on CB. Department of Transportation limits 11 hours for driving a truck per day, which is a long time on the road. Drivers constantly talking with one another. There is a different type of people active on CB, chances of finding new friends are always open.


Cell phones & many new modern technologies can’t replace the comfort & need of CBs. It is affordable and can’t be stolen easy. There are many CB radios out in the market you can buy it according to your needs and budget. Radios Guide suggests you to always turn on your CB radio while driving so in the case of emergency you can CALL for HELP easily. Let us know how you use your CB radio and what the best part of this handy communication tool.

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3 thoughts on “CB RADIO for Emergency Communications – It can still SAVE your LIFE

  1. Ron Wright, N9EE

    CB can have it’s advantage, but in no way better than a cell phone for emergency needs. If cell phone battery dead, plug into the nearest USB port for which most vehicles have these days or use a cig adapter, be prepared. And the typical trucker traffic on CB is not what I want my wife or child hearing. If you vehicle battery is dead, one common failures of vehicles, the CB radio will also be dead.

    Having said that I as a Ham Radio operator who does equip myself with a number of means for EmComm one use for CB is during a disaster, that is like a hurricane taking out all including cell phones, power, etc for days we will need aid from the likes of FEMA and other support services. These will be bringing in supplies by truck and the truckers will need directions. Sure they will probably have GPS units, but the directions from it might just be blocked. Being able to contact the truckers using CB will probably be the only way.

    CB radio is so limited, but with it’s fault there are uses. Road side assistance can be one, but a cell phone during typical times is much much more useful. Here one is talking directly to the help, not thru a CB operator that has little to do with aid. I as a Ham can contact locals thru a repeater with much more reliable means than CB, but this is not the typical citizen.

  2. Doug Nielson

    I thought this was a great article. I also liked hearing about the experiences from the gentleman in the video.

    I recently worked for Utah County as a radio tech. I also have an amateur radio license, GMRS license, and was authorized on Utah’s UCA system (Motorola 800 MHz trunked). I am also a comm unit leader for CAP. I consider myself an all-around comms guy, so I believe that any additional means of communication along with a mobile phone is a good practice. While CB does have some negatives, I believe a radio is a radio and used properly can be used as well and in addition to other means, particularly in an emegency.

    So with all that being said, I am curious about a few things regarding this article, CB radio, truckers, and law enforcement.

    While servicing telecommunications equipment for Utah County, I spent a fair amount of time driving, particulary on I-15 in Utah and Salt Lake counties. I would listen to several radio services including CB. In nearly two years, not once did I hear anyone on transmit on channel 9 or 19. I would say I averaged 2-4 hours a week listening time during pretty much every type of highway traffic. I-15 is the one and only major interstate north and south through Utah. But yet, never a transmission heard on the CB radio.

    The article explained the 3 types of truckers. I’m just curious if there *was* some sort of emergency, if a response could be expected? I admit that I am not familiar with what has gone on with CB radio the last decade or so, but am wondering, in the busiest part of Utah, if one could expect a response, either by a trucker or the Utah Highway Patrol or anyone else. I know a lot of the UHP troopers have CBs in their patrol vehicles, but will they respond on the air to an emergency call?

    1. Ron Wright, N9EE


      I am a Ham also and do not work CB at all, but I am familiar with it. It is kinda the sess pool of radio, but yes if you ask for help on CB you will get it. Dont use ch 9 for few monitor it, use ch 19 for that is where most are. Some have moved to other channels, but ch 19 is the main one.

      Maybe not all truckers will help you, but there are enough on ch 19 someone will.

      But contrary to the article, a cell phone will be much more useful. If you need help because your car battery is dead your CB probable will not work. But most keep their cell phones working.

      But again I feel very confident if you ask for help on CB you will get help.


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