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CB Radio craze hit the road across the North East and the UK

About forty years ago, the trucking song “Convoy” which was sung by an American singer “CW McCall” listed the United Kingdom single charts, come to a head at number two. It actually was not one of pop music’s extreme flash but the song, was packed in CB terms and allusions. Sparked a United Kingdom trend, hot on the heels of the one that had swept the United States in the early 1970s. Continue reading

CB Radio Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

It’s a famous say that, “The future depends on what you do today.” The popular CB radios once enjoyed, became the symbol of success for the means of communication. The user base was so huge during that times, but we can’t expect this technology to regain that popularity because latest technologies are hitting the market daily, This rapid innovation has totally changed the scenario for the CB radio future.

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10 Best CB Radio Dealers You Must Know

Before telling you the best dealers of USA, we’re going to suggest you that some dealers offer broken and less durable products to the customers, and tell them the fake features and lies about the radios which result in losing the customer’s trust from the radio (brand). Radios Guide had done a lot of research and conducted surveys according to the dealers and customers perspective both. And we concluded the top 10 reliable and authentic CB Radio dealers, which are the top ranked dealers in the USA. We have rated these dealers according to the availability and authenticity of the products and the dealer’s services before and after sales. Radios guide have also mentioned the ratings, contact details, websites and products of the dealer’s offerings. Continue reading

Choosing the CB Radio for Pickup Truck


If you are planning to buy a CB Radio for your pickup truck, that might be very much exciting !(for us, YES it is). But choosing the final radio from a variety of radios in the market may be a tough call. There is no better vehicle to install a CB Radio than a pickup truck! Apart from the sharp decent appearances and functionality, a nice CB install adds, the pickup offers the more choices when it comes to antenna and radio mounting.  Many drivers buy radios without considering the facts, its size, and its features, so after some time they are in the position to purchase the new one again. We categorize choosing CB Radio for pickup truck on three things: Continue reading