Top CB Antennas of 2016

New Base Radio in Market : SR-94 HPC

Stryker come up with its New Base Radio SR-94 HP. That  …….. continue reading

SWR Meter

Setting SWR Meter Reading in 10 Mins

For optimal performance SWR can’t be ignored. By following this guide you can get most out of your CB equipement So let’s ……continue reading

So what QSL card actually means?

Some people like to collect stamps form various parts of the world but hams collect QSLs. If you are also a stamp collector you will find that often

HAM Radio

Talking Someone Using Ham Radio

HAM RADIO is one of the most useful assets you can have but you need to have some sound technical knowledge to get going with it. ……continue reading

Off Road Guide to CB Installations

A CB radio is wonderful for off road communications. Through this device, you can stay in touch with your colleagues, be a part of all…..continue reading 

Female HAM radio operator

As long as the education has been introduced, many suppressed ones have found a way to express themselves. Similarly…..continue reading

CB radio Installation guide

CB radios give their best shot when they are installed properly and this is not something that you cannot do on your own……continue reading

Stryker 447HPC2 New Exciting Features

The new SR-447HPC2 is a new and improved version of the original SR-447HPC. You might ask why decided to change the 447?……continue reading

CB Radio Culture & Modern Technology

Before the advent of cell phone technology, CB Radio Culture was predominant throughout the world…….continue reading

Ham radio hobby – Tips for starting Hobby

Before you can get on with your Ham radio hobby, you need to be aware of the 10 basic things for keeping your operations smooth and enjoyable……continue reading

The Roger Beep…

It is a feature of the CB radios that generates mixed feelings among the users. Some of them like this feature while the others are a bit critical about this stuff…. continue reading

Elegant response to speechless questions about amateur radio

Being a licensed Amateur Radio operator is a big achievement in itself as it brings great respect and value to your amateur radio operations… continue reading

ham radio equipment

Fun of Ham Radios

“ What makes you began in HAM Radio equipment ”? Most of the feedback ended up similar. Parents giving their kids  SWL radios and enjoying SWL broadcasts… continue reading

New Stryker SR-447 HPC2 10 Meter Radio : What's New in it?

Stryker continuously accelerating its phase for new products launch. After launch of Styker SR-A10 CB Antenna, they are ready to award another product to radio industry. Any Guess!…..continue reading

Sirio CB Antenna – Stryker SR-A10 – Are they valuable?

Two of the most popular brands had introduced their CB and Amateur Antenna in market. Confused?  continue reading

Inside Magnetic Mount CB Antenna

Although there have been tremendous changes in the mechanical realities of these antennas over the passage of time, but… continue reading

Sirio LED Performer 5000

After the launch of The New SR-A10 CB Antenna by Stryker Radios. Sirio is also in position to award it to market. continue reading

Top 3 CB Antenna of 2015

The Top 3 CB Antennas of all time. Let’s discover it out what makes these antennas as the highly rated CB Antennas in the market. continue reading