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coax cable


Just like the body organs cannot function properly without the blood vessels connecting them together.

The different components of a CB system are also rendered useless if they are not connected to each other through a good quality thick Coaxial Cable or simply called the Coax.

Importance Of Coax

The importance of coax can hardly be overstated because there is always a need of strong synchronization among the different CB parts.

In order for the system to operate efficiently and that cannot be made possible without a coax.

It is recommended that the coax you buy should be selected after careful consideration of all the available options from the most dependable CB brands.

Stryker being the most prominent among those.


There are different types of coax cable used nowadays that serve different needs specific to the CB radio models being used.

The performance of your coax also depends on the types of connections you make with it.

Testing CB Antenna Coax Cable

Following 5 types of connections are usually preferred

  • First and the standard connection type that CB’ers make is in the form of a barrel and is most commonly known as PL-259 connection.
  • For this connection, the coax with the screw-on ends should be used but it is possible that only one end is designed in that way.
  • The other end can vary in its design depending on the other device with which you are connecting the coax.
  • Coax with ring-style ends are also used. These are preferred because they are generally made of plastic and are easy to handle even in the extreme weather changes. Moreover, they are easy to put in and even easier to pull out.
  • Terminal style connection is the next type. This connection type is a unique one and is preferred usually when you are mounting antenna on some unconventional points.

For the PL-259 connection types, it is sometimes quite difficult to route the cable through the in-built narrower openings inside the vehicle.

This can make you solder and re-solder your cable to fit into the holes or you might also need to drill holes into the car.

To avoid this, FME connections are used that help to make the coax connections flexible and easy going.

You can simply remove these connections while routing and put them back on once everything is done.

  • First is the Standard Coax. This cable has a diameter of 0.20“ and is moderately thick from outside. This cable comes in this standard size and is always available with all the CB radio packages that you find at all the Stryker outlets or with any other brand. You can find these cables with the grade title of RG-58.
  • Coax cable is also available in different grades that provide different levels of performance in connecting the components together. Three of the common quality grades are as follows
  • Then is the Premium Coax. As the name indicates, it has all the features that make it graded premium than the other types of coaxial cables. It is thicker and better insulated than the rest and is more flexible whenever adjusted.
  • Lastly you have Dual Antenna Coax that helps to make strong connection when you have dual antennas mounted on your vehicle.

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