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Here is a complete checklist of what you will need for making your CB installation successful

5 Main Components

CB Radio

It is the central part of the system. Along with it, you should have a mounting bracket, a microphone and a power cord in the same kit.

CB Antenna

This is a must buy as your system won’t operate without it. Make sure you buy the top quality CB antenna, even if you have to invest more in it.

CB Antenna Mount

This part would be required for attaching the antenna to the vehicle’s chassis.

Some antennas like magnetic mount, trunk-lip or roof antennas have this part in-built.

Coax Cable

This cable creates the connection between the CB radio and the antenna.

In case of magnet mount, trunk-lip or roof antennas, coax cable would be connected to the antenna mount.

SWR Meter 

This tool is the most crucial one when it comes to tuning your CB antenna properly.

This component can be built into your CB radio or can be obtained separately as well.

swr and power meter

This tool is also necessary to buy because without it, you can’t tune and adjust your antenna accurately.

And are likely to obtain poor performance and high SWR readings.

Optional Cb Antenna Components


This component is used to make a CB antenna a bit longer than its original length and for adding flexibility to its main body.

cb antenna spring

These are placed between the antenna whip and the mount of the antenna.

Antenna Quick Disconnects

These components allow easily detachment of the antenna from the mount without employing any tools for it.

PA Horn

This is a special type of speaker that has PA horn and is mounted outside the vehicle.

It is used for communicating outside the vehicle on special occasions.

5 Major Purchasing Mistakes

Its our aims at providing valuable information to

Trucker & OffRoader’s

so that they can make an informed choice while buying their CB equipment from the market.

Down here are the 5 big mistakes that we have noticed most of the users making while purchasing their CB products and have offered specific solution to these problems as well.

Once you are able to avoid these mistakes, you can get the most ideal CB parts from the lot without falling prey to the poor quality stuff.

Investing More On The Radio

Most of the users have a mistaken belief that expensive radios have higher ranges.

So they spend huge sums only for buying the best CB radio in town.

But the fact is that no CB radio can transmit more than 4 watts power as allowed by the FCC.

So no matter what features you find in a particular CB radio, its basic capacity would remain the same.

Try to be modest while buying the CB radio and look for features that are relevant to your cause.

On the other hand, be very generous while buying a CB antenna as that component can actually enhance your system’s range despite of all other restrictions imposed.

Underestimating The CB Antenna

Normally the users take the CB antenna quite lightly and avoid spending much on this component.

Instead, they pick the cheapest antennas available in the market but regret later on because of the poorest performance that antenna delivers.

Try to allocate a larger portion of your savings for buying the antenna.

Select the best vendor in town and buy the top-notch CB antenna from there according to the connectivity needs that you might have.

Missing SWR Meter

If you don’t have your SWR meter ready at the time of CB installation, then it is wise to stop the process right here.

When installing the CB antenna, you got to tune it professionally in order to make it perform with its full potential.

Without proper tuning, your CB performance would be nil and would gradually take your system towards complete failure.

To avoid this, SWR meter is used that tunes and adjusts the CB antenna to the system for a smooth and efficient performance.

If you don’t have your SWR meter, you can expect the opposite.


You can get your internal SWR meter fixed or you can buy a new SWR meter.

But it is a must to have one. You can also borrow it from your friends or relatives for saving time.

Make sure to tune the antenna with this meter and achieve a low SWR reading for maximum CB efficiency.

Avoiding The Features

People usually prefer to buy the most easy-to-handle CB antennas and completely ignore how well they can perform for their system as a whole.

They pick the shorter antennas that perform quite poorly by ignoring the longer ones that are known for their best performance.

First determine your Own Needs i.e. what kind of range you want your CB system to have.

For general communication, a normal CB antenna of 2’ or 3’ can work very well.

But if you are a professional driver and can’t do without this connectivity, then your CB system should have the range of 10 miles or above.

For this, buy a 5’ antenna from a renowned brand only to ensure quality and accuracy.

Next always mount your antenna on the highest point of the vehicle possible for enhancing the range further.

Focusing On The Price Tag Only

Users generally try to get hold of the cheapest CB equipment for themselves but later find out that they have wasted their money.

Focusing on the price tag and compromising the functionality and durability of the CB system would make your purchase good for nothing


You would have to take another round for finding the CB equipment that is worth it.

Firstly make sure you buy the most premium quality CB antenna and the mounts.

No matter what the price is because this is the component that is going to make your CB system run.

Such equipment, though costly, would prove to be a useful asset in the longer run while the poor quality CB antenna would increase your maintenance cost.

Also consider only those brands that offer products with better performance assured from various aspects.

You can also keep your budget in mind but only to the extent that your needs are being fulfilled.

Select the retailer who is known to be trustworthy and reliable in his dealings and offers products at reasonable rates.

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