Best 10 Meter Radio To Follow

best 10 meter radio to follow

SR-655HPC 10 Meter Radio is manufactured for excellent transmission. Stryker brought all the features in SR-655HPC 10 Meter Radio, which is found only inexpensive radios.

It has a transceiver that isn’t only functionally remarkable but also is budget-friendly.

You are not going to trust your ears for this much clearness and consistency this Amateur Radio is giving during your communication.


Stryker SR-655HPC was intended for finest transmit, receive and extraordinary reliability.

SR-655HPC is listed on top in best 10 meter radio of 2019 in Google. Because of its best Features are given below:

  • High Power: The Stryker SR 655 HPC uses four FQP13N10 MOSFET transistors that deliver 70+ watts PEP. If you need to be heard, the SR-655HPC has the power required to do some genuine talking. This is a similar final output section used in the SR-955HPC, which turned out to be greatly reliable
  • 7-Color Frequency Display: The SR-655HPC has a feature of 7-Color frequency display (Stryker’s Exclusive)
  • Brilliant 7-Color LED: You can look over 7 Multi-colors with the push of a button or let the CPU controller look over all of the colors individually. Stryker’s exclusive faceplate design provides back lighted control, making adjustments even in the darkest conditions simple
  • Dimmer Control:– Stryker listened to your feedback throughout the years and that’s the reason the SR-655HPC comes with a 32 position dimmer circuit along with the lowest position turning off all the lights. If your eyes are sensitive to specific lights in the dark then this is a must have feature!
  • Clarifier: A traditional clarifier is never used on an AM radio and that’s the reason Stryker made it different. The clarifier will go up 10 kHz or down 10 kHz, however in increments of 5Khz. This gives a chance to move frequency up or down rapidly and Stryker think you will discover this significantly more valuable than a clarifier typically is on an AM/FM radio
  • VFO:  You can pick using traditional band mode or VFO mode for consistent operation all through the frequency range
  • PC Programmable: You can further customize your radio using your PC and software that available for download!
  • Digital Echo: Provides the operator significantly more extensive range of effects and control than the typical factory or other aftermarket echo boards. Stryker’s board is able to reproduce the human voice with virtually no distortion providing most clearness and enjoyment.
  • Six Roger Beeps: Six different roger beeps are included in the SR-655HPC. These are controlled using a switched that is situated on the front panel. This is a feature that you will discover on virtually no other radio direct from the factory. In particular, you can make your very own customizable roger beeps using Stryker’s PC software and after that load them on to the SR-655PHC onboard memory!
  • Variable Power Control: Enables the operator to adjust or shift their carrier from a two watt to more than 70 watts PEP
  • Variable Talk Back Control: The infamous talk back squeal is virtually eliminated with our freely controlled talk back circuitry. The operator can change the volume to the ideal level as operating conditions require. Best of all the user never again need to turn down the microphone gain to stop the annoying squeal that is frequently the aftereffect of poor design or cost cutting at the production level.
  • Up-Armored: Receiver- Stryker’s exclusive receiver protection works even under the harshest conditions for example, those experienced at a busy truck stop with numerous operators running high power radios. What’s more, Stryker’s receiver filtering is more tightly than most radios on the market. This implies adjoining channel rejection is improved.

Additional Features Include:

  • Scan your favorite channels or frequencies
  • Instant CH19 / 9 button
  • 10KHz Switch
  • Large Square S/RF & SWR Meter
  • Advanced NB/ANL Circuit Reduces Interference
  • AM/FM Operation and PA Circuitry
  • Automatic calibrating SWR meter for precise measurements
  • Hi-Cut Noise Filter
  • Front microphone connector for simple mounting in tight spaces
  • Receive and Microphone gain controls
  • 3 Year Limited Factory Warranty Only
  • Built-In VOX w/ sensitivity adjustment

Tune Up Report:


All in all, I Love this radio, it is powerful straight out of the box. If you get a technician to set this up properly it will swing 80+ watts, has a very sensitive receive circuitry and a custom roger beep memory that you can transfer to the radio by means of a USB proficient PC and the Stryker software makes a wide range of roger beep potential.

Multi-colored display with adjustable brightness is an appreciated alternative for the late night Truckers out there over the roads.

If I could give you an optional suggestion, it would be to match this fine radio up with an SR-65BC noise-canceling microphone which is much better than the Road Kings and deeper in tone than the Asiatics.

Power mic will cause severe feedback with these exceptionally sensitive Strykers. Best 10 meter radio is nothing without a best CB antenna.

I highly recommend this radio for Truck drivers that need a big radio at a budget-friendly price, it’s the best deal out there and a good looking radio!

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