Stryker Vs Wilson CB Antenna Facts

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This comparison between the Stryker CB Antenna and Wilson is crafted by Daniel Larsen.(owner of the Sky-Tronics ), So let’s read what’s his opinion about both the antenna manufacturing titans.

Credit: Daniel Larsen  (Owner Sky Tronics CB Radio Dealer )

OK, I have done MANY paragraphs over this throughout the course of 1.5 years so I will now make a doc as I continue to see MUCH conversation and/or arguments over this topic. Hope this helps and puts a rest to this topic.

FIRST, “Simon the Wizard” rated top reviewer of the WORLD by MANY has already made mentions of this as well.

Stryker CB Antenna have it’s OWN Manufacturing Requirements

  1. STRYKER CB antenna simply ran with the ORIGINAL BEST designs when Wilson CB antenna was at it’s best. After Wilson was sold off a few times, Stryker brought the ORIGINALS to their OWN manufacturing under their OWN SPECS and even better yet. MANY have already cut them apart and can attest to this and differences.
  2. Stryker CB AntennaThe ONLY Stryker CB Antenna made in the same manufacturing facility as Wilson IS the SR-2K trucker antenna.
    NO this does not mean they are the same or same quality either. Also, Wilson does NOT own their own manufacturing facility any longer, rather went to someone else to manufacture for them overseas.
  3. The Stryker SR-A10 CB Antenna is made in a separate manufacturing facility altogether and fully under Stryker SPECS as the original Wilson’s were and even better.
  4. The Stryker SR-A10 antennas are even further yet made in a SEPARATE manufacturing facility than the SR-5K antenna and/or the SR-2K.

Stryker CB Antennas are Affordable & Double in Warranty

Stryker also offers TWICE the WARRANTY of Wilson and in MANY cases, even still a bit cheaper in cost. We hope this sets some records straight here.

If you want to share your thoughts about both the titans, write in comment box. Thank you.

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