Stryker SR655 is what I recommend AM only…

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Credit: Fine Tune CB Shop

It’s the arithmetic mean, Cleaner and Meaner! Yes, with MAX MOD! If they cant show you they’re snowing you! Subscribe, click the notification bell for and Stay Tuned In!

*Scope watts or nope watts, take your pick! Tired of BS? If they don’t show you “LIKE THIS”, you’ve been misled! Learn to identify “Golden Screwdrivers”. There’ll always be my disgruntled competitors and their sheeple (adolescent drama) over this topic, they’re just doing their best. When “Ready”, pm me on Facebook including phone number. Contact information below, don’t be in a hurry.

“Radios not only transform signals into waves, they transform waves into sound” Cleaner is Meaner.

Ringy, tinny, muffled, meter swinging low range hacked up over-modulated splatter box radios with a noisy receiver have been peaked & tuned, comp-tuned or “so-called” Hi-Fi” mods performed and misaligned by a Golden Screwdriver magician. Yes, magician not technician.

This type of “Competition Internet Truck Stop Tune” is useless in the Real World. Not only will it bleed your wallet it’ll bleed all over your friends and neighbors too! Years ago, while still accepting walk-ins, this was about 90% of all radio related issues from customers Nationwide and still is!

****How to recognize****

They’ll ask you to “look at the meter” or other salvation army test equipment stacked up the wall and claim that a pure waveform or “Scope Tuned” on a NIST bench isn’t necessary. RUN!!

They’ll poise their meter farm at you while making strange vocal sounds, whistling or injecting an unknown tone into the mic socket trying to convince you that all of that “Distortion” is considered rms, average or bird watts.

“Some don’t show much of anything at all, they just talk a lot trying to Baffle you with BS”

Most don’t have a clue what each unit of measurement represents, how to derive it or have an accurate way of testing but they sure do put on a show! This might look impressive to some but in reality, these tunes produce “far less usable power”. Sound familiar? Many have fallen for these “tricks” so don’t feel bad.

***Achieving Real World Performance ..The Bottom Line***

Do your due diligence! Demand the testing and tuning of your equipment on a minimum 100 MHz **Analog** Oscilloscope, Bird 4314c meter or equivalent and a 1 GHz spectrum analyzer / Service Monitor with a NIST ( Traceable “Certification of Calibration”. It’s the only accurate way of measuring spurious emissions, harmonics and true power @ the fundamental frequency replicating “Real World Performance”.

All test equipment and gear under test including meter, scope, spectrum analyzer, sampler, radio and amp if applicable must be in plain sight at all times while gear is under test, fully modulated. Inducing distortion though meter using un-calibrated “flea market” test equipment is misrepresentation and an illusion playing on your ignorance while insulting your intelligence!

If they cant display everything all at the same time while under test, explain ac volts, pep, pk, cw, rms (Ohms Law), capacitance, inductance and the basic principles of a phase shift then how do you expect them to accurately test, tune or align your system? Ever wonder why they cant come up with anything original, attempt to replicate or imitate everything that I do and fail miserably in a deceiving way?

Fine Tune CB adheres to NIST and other standards to maintain accuracy and consistency for providing “Real World Performance” with integrity.

Bench includes: HP8924c Service Monitor with options:……


Bird 4314C Meter:… And Genuine Bird Elements.

Bird Sampler:…

Want more range and reliability with peace of mind? Get it Fine Tuned .. Not Peaked And Ruined!

Don’t let them play Three Card Monte with you because they will. Most importantly, find someone who’s honest and competent, not part of Facebook CB related groups, has a Service Monitor with a NIST Traceable Certification of Calibration and not just a golden screwdriver magician with garage sale non certified test equipment stacked up the wall trying to baffle you with BS! Never settle for less because that’s what you’ll get, Houdini tricks, ghost watts, “S9” out of calibration and a noisy receiver!

Sorry, not accepting walk-ins or shipping internationally.

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