Stryker SR-94 HPC Radio

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A good news for Stryker users & radio lovers:

The new SR-94 HPC is near to launch. It is a small radio with a lot of new features. This small transceiver is loaded with Bluetooth microphone and the mobile app for the radio. Price will be approximately between $125 to $140. Additional features include:

  1. Dimmable TFT Color Display
  2. High & Low Power (4 watt or 10-watt carrier)
  3. Backlit Keys
  4. Scan Function
  5. Dual Channel Watch
  6. Channel and Frequency Display
  7. Integrated Automatic SWR meter
  8. Digital S-meter Display
  9. 4 Memory Channels
  10. Operating Voltage
  11. RF gain Of / Auto + 10 Attenuation Levels
  12. Noise Blanker Function & Hi-Cut Filter
  13. Channel 9 & 19 Quick Access
  14. Roger Beep function (8 settings)
  15. CTCSS / DCS (encode & decode) 38 CTCSS / 104 DCS
  16. DTMF (encode)
  17. Microphone with UP / DOWN selection
  18. Squelch (Manual or ASQ) and Volume Adjustable
  19. Programmable via PC Software (Download from Stryker Website)
  20. Time-Out Timer function
  21. Bluetooth (optional)

Stryker SR-94 HPC Radio



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8 thoughts on “Stryker SR-94 HPC Radio

  1. Mad Ham

    Never knew Stryker as having any good rep by amateur radio operators. These are well known for promoting illegal operation by illegal cheers. The lack of ssb is proof this is yet another illegal good buddy radio, disguised as an amateur radio.

    1. Radios Guide

      Even Magnum, Galaxy, President Manufactures 10-meter Amateur radios like Stryker. But people love to use them as CBs. Yes, Stryker is considered as the leading brand in the radio industry as their product are top rated in the market.


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