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It is a feature of the CB radios that generates mixed feelings among the users. Some of them like this feature while the others are a bit critical about this stuff.

This sound is produced whenever a microphone is un-keyed and it has strong impact on the CB experience of the users.The Roger beep has been around for quite a long time but the export radios gave great  popularity to this feature.

Nowadays this feature has started to become recognized as the part of the higher end CB radios as a service that enhances the CB experience.

Advantages & Dis Advantages of Roger Beep

Now let us discuss what the advantages and disadvantages of the R.B are along with the functions that this feature performs.This tone can last for different spans of time and its impact can differ according to the length of time it lasts for. The Roger beep is designed so that the operators can be informed about the status of the conversation being conducted through the CB radio.

Generally when the network is not very noisy and the conversation on the channels is going very smooth, then the need for the Roger beep is reduced as the participants of the conversation can easily make out when the other person un-keys and simply predict the pattern of signal transmission by looking at the meter’s face. But when the channels are full of unwanted background noise then the Roger beep will help the operators to figure out what the person at the other end is doing right now.

roger beepNormally the Roger beep is of great help, but majority of the users prefer communicating without this feature. There have been many instances when the users misused this beep on the network for pestering other users and those incidents have led to the creation of a negative image of the Roger beep on the whole.

For instance–when the participants of a conversation are only 2 miles away from each other and both of them keep their Roger beeps working for longer hours,then the sounds produced are often really irritating. If the distance between them is so short, then the Roger beep is not required and any such use of it is simply an excessive one.

One more instance of this misuse of the Roger beep is the extra-long use of the beep and or the use of multiple tones. The beeps introduced nowadays actually promote more noise rather than just informing the operator about the status of the conversation.

This overuse of the feature has drastically affected the image of the Roger beep among the users. They even fail to realize how important this feature is when a user talks skip on SSB for connecting with any far flung station with weak signals.

There are instances when the stations get un-keyed and the operator is unable to make it out. This happens because there is unnecessary delay in response because of the absence of Roger beep. Comparatively, if any station employs Roger beep, it has strong edge over the other station sand one can easily predict when the other station is un-keyed for keeping the conversation smooth.

Roger beeps might not be very suitable for many. You will come across many users telling you about the negative consequences of using this beep. But in actual, Roger beep is pretty useful in many aspects. The experience will be a good one if you use the Roger beep as prescribed for professional CB radio communication.

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