Think before Peak and Tune

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During buying the CB Radio from any CB Radio shop, the shopkeeper will offer you “they will do peak and tune” free of cost. If we see on the other hand, do you know, what is peak and tune? And do you want to know, whether it is done or not in your Radio. What is a Peak and Tune?

  1. In Peak and Tune, the technicians of CB radios will check the performance of your CB radio that, is the transmitting and receiving process is going on the right path. If yes, then well and good. If not, then they will repair it for you.
  2. The technicians will also set the modulation of your CB radio at 100% because most of CB radios (company made) are already set around on 70% – 80% modulation.
  3. The technicians will make your radio, according to your needs. Example, you want that the flow of your CB Radio signals is reasonable and their receptiveness is tolerable, so they will tune it (CB radio) for you.
  4. And last the most important thing is “The power”. Because with having massive output, will cover a lot of distance easily. So the technician will also accustom the output level for you. If it is 4 watts, then they will adjust it according to your needs. Like 100 Watts, 120 watts, etc. Here a question is raised in everyone’s head that

Why company is not offering all of features which are mentioned above? 

The answer is very simple. If they do, they will go against the FCC rules. According to FCC rules, you must have 4 watts and your modulation must be less than 100%. If not then be ready for paying the fine.

First Think That:

  • Is the technician in the shop which you’ve chosen loyal or not:

Well, this is the point which you must have to remember every time, every moment and every second that the technician which you’ve chosen for your peak and tune. Is he/she is trustable or not. We’ve seen in many CB Radio shops that technicians are not well qualified. And second, some radio shops will give you your radio back and will take enough money from you, but (they will not do any kind of changes in it. Because they don’t know how to do it. In short, “Blind folding”. Don’t hold your breath on those CB technicians who says “They are going to clip your modulation limit” because this is the easiest way of playing with you and your expectations.  For this you must have read our article “10 best CB radio dealers you must know”.

Second is that when you enter in any CB Radio shop then first ask from the technician “Is your meter (Which shows the watts output) is accurate or not? Because many CB Radio technicians adjust their meter to show that what they want to show you. Sometimes they tune your CB Radio and they will show you on a meter that “See! It is showing that much watts of output power” But sad, When you go home and there you see that it is much lesser than the first one, then what will you do? So be aware of these kind of bad technicians.

What to do:

peak and tune

Stryker SR-955 HPC inside Board

Simple. Ask an experience guy around you who is using the CB radio for many years. Nowadays, we think the best solution for discussing that kind of stuff is “Join Forums”. There you can discuss your problems because in the forums, many experienced and well educated CB Radio users you will see. Remember, always jaw directly to the shop and ask what exactly they do and how do they do it? If someone tells you “Oh! We’ve got a way to make it sound awesome” Never ever ever trust them. Because the Perfect technician will never say these kind of phrases. A good technician will always tell you “what exactly they do and how do they do it?”

  • Now when you reach to the CB Radio shop:

There will be a lot of options with you that what kind of modification do you want? The technician will do the modifications according to your needs. Example, you want little bit complicated tuning, so in this case you will pay a little bit more than the in complex one. Remember, again, you should’ve to be assured that you will ask from the technician. “Sir kindly tells me about modification. Which kind of modification you are doing?

Make sure you once again about

  • Did you check the modification before leaving the Shop or not?
  • Are the modifications are according to your needs or not?
  • Is the performance of your CB radio is better than the first or not?
  • Which is the price you are paying for the modification worth or not?
  • Buy your SWR meter:

Remember, Never ever go directly to the CB Radio shop. You must have to buy your own SWR meter and check it out. Is your CB Radio is demanding for peak and tune or not? First do your examination and note the reading with yourself. Now if your CB radio needs modification, then take a step.

Note: Kindly check your CB radio and do your test again and compare the present results with the previous after doing the modification.

Well, in the end we will say that if you will choose the perfect CB radio shop then it will be for you and your decision about modification will also be accomplished. Again, make sure that only a daily user of CB radio can tell you a huge difference in your CB radio modification instead of CB Radio technician. The best CB radio can tell you the difference between miles. So be aware and think before. Don’t spend your money at a wrong place. Only you know that “with what kind of difficulty and struggle you’ve earned that money”.
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