Mounting CB Radios in the vehicles

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So at last, you have bought the CB radio from the CB radio shop. 

Nice, Looks good, shiny and we also know that you cannot wait to mount it in your vehicle right?

But here the problem is “At which place you will mount your CB radio?”

  • Underneath the seats?
  • Will the glove box right for you? or
  • At the dashboard?

Remember, CB radio will not cause any problem if it is small in size. Your semi-truck has a big enough dashboard and there mounting your CB radio there is not a big challenge. But if you will try to install big size CB radio then it will automatically cause a problem for you. The small size CB radio will not take too much time in installation.

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Some points to remember during installation of your CB radio in your vehicle:

  • The distance between you and your CB radio

Well, the upper given sentence is too long but is very profitable for you. A CB radio has a lot of controls such as its knobs. And you must have to reach them to control without removing your eyes from the road. So place your CB radio at little distance that you can reach it easily. Suggest in a comment which place is best according to you?

  • Can you see your CB radio?

Mounting your CB radio in front of your eyes is a better option instead of mounting it under your seat. If you mount your CB radio with this kind of thinking that someone will steal it then I think, you are totally wrong. At one side you are thinking about your profit and on the other side, you are thinking about your loss. You are missing an important part of CB radio and that is “what channel you are on”. Remember, steering wheel, sunlight glow and shadows can hinder the look of your CB radio.

  • Is your CB radio is looking gorgeous?

Remember, always give the first priority to the functions of your CB radio and second “Look of your CB radio”. Well, In this case, I will go with Stryker Radios. There is no doubt that they are full of functions and yes are good looking with 7 multi colors. Others are also good like Cobra, Uniden, Galaxy. I know they are expensive but top rated CB radios in quality. But I will always go with Stryker. Well, everyone has his/her own choice.

Ok, CB radios black or gray in color are more beautiful and are 90% chance of getting compliments.

Majority of folks like to match the color of their CB radio Led lights with the lights of their dash. Which looks cool. Yeah, that’s right very cool.

  • Is the location of your CB radio is good for your CB radio’s health?

I know this is weird but it’s true. The health of your CB radio matter. A lot of CB radio dies early. The question is raising here, why? Well. Good question. The answer is because of moisture dust and grimes. Majority folks place it in the footwall area. So there will be a lot of chances to get dirty and will suffer a lot of kicks. Second If you will mount your CB radio near your vehicle’s door, then rain or snow can easily damage your CB radio. There are a lot of CB users who mount their CB radios in the center console area. I think that area is also not suitable for your gorgeous CB radio. Because in the center console area, people put their food or drinks.

Now let’s talk about the truck. If you are mounting your CB radio in your truck then mount it a little bit higher. If you want to protect it from dust. If you are operating your CB radio in the foggy environment then choose the best place for your CB radio for protecting it from humidity. And if you are operating your CB radio in hot, then kindly find the place where you can cover your CB radio from sunlight.

Let’s take a glance at “where CB radio users feel comfort to mount their CB radios.”

Well, this is not a perfect location to mount your CB radio because there are a lot of chances that someone can steal it easily and also the heat of your dashboard can affect your CB radio but there are some CB radio users who like to mount their CB radios for maximum visualness and convenience.  Stryer SR-497 HPC

Some CB radio user’s mounting their radio in the center console area like in the picture below

Ok, Let me show you something interesting. I have taken these pictures from facebook groups but are good examples of mounting. Take a look.

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