Which one is the best?

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We are seeing from many years, the discussion is always held on

“which magnetic mount CB Antenna will be perfect and will give the best company to our vehicle (4×4, jeeps, cars & pickup trucks.)”

Some folks argue with each other and try to satisfy that antennas which they are using are better than the others. Obviously, they will say that to another one because the thing which they are using are more qualitative and more efficient and more powerful than yours.

Choosing the Best magnetic mount CB Antenna

Stryker SR-A10 magnetic mount CB Antenna

There are three most popular CB antennas on the market which make you weightier than the others. These antennas are Stryker SR-A10 Magnetic Mount CB Antenna and the k40 Magnetic Mount CB Antenna.

There is no doubt that these are the most powerful, durable & high performing CB Antennas in the market of CB. Give you surety that there will be a discussion continued at the present time if you search for it. Because they are valuable and will never let you down.

Stryker SR-A10 Magnetic Mount CB AntennaIf we talk about the most powerful Magnetic mount CB Antenna “The Stryker SR-A10 MM”. Then there is no doubt in its durability. They are also available in center loaded version. Having 10000 watts of power handling and can be easily tuned at “26 to 30 MHz”. You can mount it on a car and this time it has 3X more powerful magnet than the others and during removing the antenna, it will not cause any kind of problem like scratching the paint of your car. No need for drilling holes. Having double walled coil cover. RG-8X coaxial cable.

Some people are talking about it. Let’s see what they are saying.

  1. Gary Iker is also a Stryker SR-A10 Magnetic Mount user. He wrote about his experience regarding this antenna.

Just bought one the magnet mount took the Stranger place in it all the way to the bottom the SWR are nearly flat I love the antenna it works quite well recommend it to everybody and definitely a fordable thank you, striker.

cb antenna

2. Robert Quick bought this antenna recently. He was expressing his views in SRC group regarding a performance of Stryker SR-A10 MM.

I just wanted to give a shout out to Daniel Larson. Thank you for having my new Stryker 955 to me before I leave out on the road. I have it installed. And getting a 0.5 on my SWR. Running my SR-A-10 twins….

magnetic mount cb antenna

3. According to the “Ed Bowser”.

Okay the fact that I can customize my CB is cool .me being able to display my name on the CB even cooler. the fact that my Stryker SR-A10 CB antenna glows and matches my CB super cool, over the top, I love it !!!

K40 Magnetic Mount CB Antenna

The idea seems simple and adds something different to a rather stale and boring antenna market. Having suitable mount installation, whip is detachable for the carwash, provide protection from static discharges DC-ground and high power handling same as Stryker SR-5k Magnetic mount CB antenna.

So these are best choices for you, which will make your CB systems more powerful than others. No one will be capable of arguing with you because now you have the smartest, perfect, and reliable CB Antenna to show and to discuss with others.

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