Best Way to adjust Cable from CB Antenna to Radio inside Vehicle

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Installing a CB system is an art in itself. It requires sheer expertise and diligence for getting everything set up in a way that can maximize the benefits you obtain from your CB system. During installation, the connection between the radio and the CB antenna matters a lot.

It is basically the link that determines how strong your CB performance would be because it is through these connections that the CB antenna would transfer the signals to your CB radio and your message coming right from your CB radio would be conveyed out through the CB antenna. For strengthening these functions, the health of your connecting cable and the connections made with it are very important.


Choosing Route for Cable

The route that you choose for carrying your cable from the CB radio to the antenna is also of key importance. The things get a bit trickier when you are routing your cable into your vehicle. First consideration in this regard is that the route you select should be such that your system functions uninterruptedly without the wires being visible at all. Read the following possible routes that would meet the above-mentioned criteria well


  • First option is the route through your vehicle’s door frame. Most of the cars have a rubber gasket between the door and the vehicle chassis. This point can serve as a safe route for the connecting cable and would also provide for the points of a more permanent drilling.

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  • You can do it through your car’s window.
  • The front side i.e. the dashboard can also be used for setting the route for your cable.
  • You can also attach the cable to the car’s roof and move it along the roof until it reaches your CB radio.

While moving your cable from the CB antenna to the radio through these routes, make sure that the wire is as neatly pinned up as possible so that you don’t face any hindrance while driving. For the first timers, things might be a bit unclear so it is always good to seek help from the experts. 

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