Do you need an antenna for a CB radio?

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The “Citizen Band,” or CB radio as it is commonly called, operates on extremely low power (~4 watts). Due to this power output, you need a CB antenna to amplify and receive a strong signal.

Luckily, there are powerful external CB antennas for any situation.

A Guide to CB Antenna

If you are out in the market for buying a good CB antenna for your CB system, then you must be aware of the most important pointers that can make your purchase the most profitable and economical one.

If you ignore any of these pointers, there are chances that you might bring home a faulty CB antenna that doesn’t meet your expectations and causes you to suffer mentally as well as financially.


One of these considerations is the kind of spring you are adding to your CB antenna for meeting your requirement. Although this detail might sound unimportant occasionally.

But it is actually very important for proper orientation and positioning of your CB antenna on your vehicle. CB antenna spring is actually a flexible coil that is placed between the antenna whip and the mount for making the overall assembly flexible.

These springs also make your CB antenna lengthier when better transmission results are required. Another benefit is that they serve as a shock absorber because CB antennas frequently come in contact with the surrounding objects.

So an internal pacifier needs to be there for minimizing the risk of damage. Using a spring in your antenna is a very good option for improving your CB antenna’s overall performance.

But the size of the spring is a very important factor to consider while buying them for your equipment. Once you have ensured that the spring you have selected is of the right size and weight and is also conductive with respect to your CB antenna, you then need to pick one of the following spring types mentioned below:

  • Light Duty Springs used for antennas 2-3 ft. long
  • Medium Duty Springs used for 3 ft. long antennas
  • Heavy Duty Springs used for 5 ft. long antennas
  • Barrel Springs used for the extra-long antennas

These types of springs can easily be found with the CB antennas when you make your purchase from a reputed brand in the market. The biggest facilitator in this regard is Stryker because it offers complete CB antenna solution to its users in the form of packages that contain CB antennas, installation kits and spare parts along with these adjustable CB antenna springs that have been designed according to the specific demands of your antenna. Moreover, it provides practical assistance to its users through its expert team so that the users can enjoy the CB antenna performance smoothly.

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