CB Radios for Jeeps

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CB radios are known to be the most reliable means of communication for all the vehicles that we can find on the roads. These are also very ideal for the off-road vehicles, especially the rugged jeeps that we all love to keep as our favorite ride. Just like their exclusive looks, jeeps are unique in their requirements regarding their CB radios and antennas. The biggest considerations in this regard are the size and the durability of your CB equipment. Firstly the CB radio you choose should be of a compact size that can fit easily into the unique interior of the jeep. Next the equipment should be very durable because it will be exposed to the environmental effects and is most likely to be abused due to the extreme highs and lows that are a part of any off-road journey.

Apart from that, following conditions should be fulfilled as a must for making your CB installation successful in your jeep:

  • Always have your CB equipment from a trusted CB brand only. Stryker is the most recommended option if you want quality in your CB products along with affordability.
  • Choose your CB antenna very carefully and make sure it is long enough to have its whip well above the roofline for better transmission.
  • Your CB antenna should be mounted as high on your jeep as possible without making the jeep look awkward.

Best Mounting Locations for CB Antennas

Tire Carrier:cb radio guide

When it comes to mounting your CB antenna in a jeep, then the first place that feels right is the tire carrier. It has a special mounting bracket that makes the CB antenna installation easy and impressive. One thing to keep in mind is that the arm of the tire carrier should be grounded properly like rest of the CB components. The swing hinge should not get in its way and there should be a continuity between all the connections. Before mounting, make sure your antenna has a wide ground plane below it.

TAILLIGHT / TuB BODY:cb radio installation

You can also mount your CB antenna to the tub or the rear of the jeep, also sometimes called as taillight. Generally you would find special taillight mounts that can fix easily into the mount holes already available on the tub. For a permanent mounting solution, you can also consider the side mounts or the 3-way mounts that require drilling.


You can prefer to mount your antenna on the hood channel as this is another ideal spot for such an installation. You can find special mounts for mounting the antenna on the hood. Otherwise you can look for the holes that are already drilled there and can directly mount your antenna there without a special mount.


Generally we can find the CB antenna mounts having a coat of black powder over them that gives them a nice finishing but this coat is one of the causes why the grounding of the antenna might be poor. This can also lead to high SWR readings that can directly affect your communication. For avoiding this risk, remember to remove the powder coat first from around the mounting bolts and then from around the stud mounting hole before mounting and grounding your CB antenna.


All the jeep drivers usually prefer the rear end of the jeep for finding the suitable mounting location for their CB antennas. Thelocations you found there are very convenient as they give a suave look to the vehicle, keep antenna away from getting affected by the surrounding objects and you can easily find the mounts that can make your installation a breeze at the rear. But do remember two things:

  • For getting your antenna on the right performance track, keep 1/3 of its length above the roofline.
  • In the jeep where you can find fiberglass tops, the CB antenna should be installed on the front end of the jeep for proper grounding and performance of the antenna.

Most of the jeep drivers have their CB antennas installed on the rear end and can achieve lower SWR readings that might be within the average performance range. Although rear mounting is easy and more preferable, yet the hood or front bumper mount are recommended for a better performance because the antenna would be able to take full advantage from the metal chassis available in that part. Some drivers can even give up functionality for convenient mounting of their antennas but the wise users take these decisions before buying and installing their equipment.


This mounting location is generally the least preferable one in all types of vehicles. People often compare the rear tire carrier to the rear bumper when deciding to mount their antennas. There is a big difference between these two locations. The rear tire carrier, despite of being at the back of the vehicle, keeps the antenna high above the roofline that helps the antenna for easy transmission and reception whereas the rear bumper will hide the antenna completely and will also reduce the transmission capacity drastically.

Although the rear bumper mount is a big no-no, the front bumper can provide a reasonable mounting location for your CB antenna. Firstly it keeps your antenna high and well-exposed for a good performance. Secondly the metallic hood can serve as a great ground plane for your antenna there. Thirdly you can also find holes drilled into the bumper of some specific models of jeeps and these holes are the ready-made mounts for your antenna’s installation.



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