10 Best CB Radio Dealers You Must Know

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Before telling you the best dealers of USA, we’re going to suggest you that some dealers offer broken and less durable products to the customers, and tell them the fake features and lies about the radios which result in losing the customer’s trust from the radio (brand). Radios Guide had done a lot of research and conducted surveys according to the dealers and customers perspective both. And we concluded the top 10 reliable and authentic CB Radio dealers, which are the top ranked dealers in the USA. We have rated these dealers according to the availability and authenticity of the products and the dealer’s services before and after sales. Radios guide have also mentioned the ratings, contact details, websites and products of the dealer’s offerings.

10. Trucker Store – CB Radio Dealer

cb radio dealers

Truckers – Store is a trucker’s type online store that has a variety of different types of items but they do really focus on the CB radios items. They have listed an address (Access Electronics) and a contact phone number. Their website does have secure checkout and their delivery of the products is very quick. You’ll feel comfortable ordering from them. They have a variety of products, like CB radios, CB antennas, Radios accessories, Antenna accessories, Bluetooth handsets, coax/mounts and trucks accessories etc.

Following mentioned is the complete contact details of Truckers Store.

Website: www.truckers-store.com

Postal Address: 300 Maple Street PO Box 145 Bushnell, NE 69128

Phone #: 877-476-9171

Fax: 308-225-4081

9. Clay’s Radio Shop

cb radio dealers
Clays Radio Shop in an online store for various products including CB radios, antennas, accessories and other stuff etc. They offer a guaranteed products, they also give warranties and after sale services. Services include but are not limited only to 10 meters & CB radio repair, Performance tune-ups CB & 10-meter radio performance enhancements and modifications Antenna system analysis & repair & much more! And they guarantee the repairs or their services.

Their contact details websites link is mentioned below.

Website: www.claysradioshop.com

Postal Address: 5530 IH-10E Building 6 San Antonio, TX. 78219.

Phone Sales & Support: 800-917-6698 & 817-374-4675.

8. GI JOE CB Radios

cb radio dealers
GI JOE Electronics is one of the largest online shopping stores for your radios and antennas. They have a vast number of products listed in their portfolio. The products includes: CB Radios, 10 Meter Radios, CB Radio Tuning, Echos, LED’s, Repair/Return Form, Cb Antennas, Mounts & Parts, Coax Cable, Microphones Headset & Mic Accessories, Mounts, External Speakers for CB Radios & Scanners, Radio Scanners – Antennas & Accessories, CB Radio & Scanner Connectors, Amplifiers and much more. Gi Joes also repair most models of CB and 10-meter radios that they sell.

Website: www.gijoesradioelectronics.com

GI Joe’s Radio Electronics

Postal Address: 451 Paint Lick Rd Berea, KY 40403, USA.

Call: (859)402.0440

Email: gijoes@webtrix.net

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CB Radio dealers

CB Radios Plus comes under the top 7 online shopping CB radio dealers ranking . It has a number of products which includes radios, CB radios,10-meterr radios, antennas, accessories, navigations, radars, batteries and a bunch of much more products. They offer very impressive services, they take great care of their customers. CB Radios Plus have a very nice and user-friendly website with shopping cart and secure checkout. They have special deals on Stryker Radios and they provide free shipping of their all products. They also offer deals and discounts on the daily, weekly or monthly basis. Following listed is the website and contact details of CB Radios Plus.


CALL! 888 785-9762

Email: support@cbradiosplus.com


CB Radio DealersH &Y Electronics has a variety of products and services you cannot get at other stores easily. They have imported antennas and amplifiers which they import from Europe so they have a unique selection. HY Electronics prices can be very good on some items but a little high on others. They offer repairs and warranties of their products. They have a quite wide range of the products. The contact details and website link is given below for further details and product order see below the details.

Website: www.hyelectronics.com

H&Y Electronics, 6315 Poplar Tree Ct.

Building E, Louisville, KY 40228

Contact: (502) 231-2999 OR AT 1-800-638-5451

Email: sales@gmail.com

  5. Sky-Tronics CB Radios Dealer

Cb Radio dealers
SKY-TRONICS is an online store for CB Radio, 10 Meter Radio, 10-12 Meter Radio, CB Antennas and Accessories. It is ranked #5 according to their products durability and the after & before sales services they offer among best CB radio dealers. They have a variety of radios and antennas and their accessories. They also do offer the warranties and repairs services. They are also famous for their prices, they have deals, discounts and also fewer prices as compared to others. Below mentioned is the list of contact details and website link for your convenience.

Website: www.sky-tronics.com

Phone: (815) 904-6655

Email: skytronicsdan@gmail.com

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4. CB Radio.NL

Cb Radio dealers
CB Radio.nl is the no # 4 CB Radio Dealers in the USA. They have quite quality products, and their radios are durable and low priced. You can easily find thousands of specifications, manuals, service manuals and schematics of CB-Radios, Export Radios Amplifier. There after sales services are very much appreciated according to the customer’s feedback. They take orders online by filling a form on their website listed below

Website: www.cbradio.nl


3. Amazon Online Store

CB Radio dealers
Amazon is an online retailer of books, movies, music and games along with electronics, toys, apparel, sports, tools, groceries and general home, garden items and much more. Amazon.com, Inc. is an American electronic commerce and cloud computing company. It is the largest Internet-based retailer in the world by total sales and market capitalization. Amazon.com has an online bookstore, DVDs, software, video games, electronics, apparel, furniture, food, toys and jewellery. The company also produces consumer electronics, Amazon Kindle e-readers, Fire tablets, and Fire TV—and is the world’s largest provider of cloud infrastructure services. They sell CB Radios, Ham Radios, 10-meter Radios, antennas, accessories, radars etc. They offer deals and discounts and also their rates are affordable and low as compared to others. The contact details are mentioned below for our beloved viewers.

Website: www.amazon.com

Call: 00 1-206-266-2992

Call: 1-888-280-3321


Cb Radio Dealers
CB World is ranked #2 according to the variety, availability, performance and durability of the vast range of products. CB World offers the best quality radios. Their product portfolio includes CB Radios, CB antennas, Microphones, 10-meter radios, accessories. It also offers after sale services and warranties. CB World is also known for its prices, they offer fewer prices, and their services are also appreciable. The reasons why you shop from CB World are; safe and secure checkout, No sales Tax, easy returns, and shipment on the same day and experts advice. The contact details are mentioned as below:

Website: www.wearecb.com

CB World, 3075 Kathryn Street NE, Albany. OR 97321, USA

Phone: 541-928-1952

1. Walcott CB Radio Dealers

Cb Radio dealers
Walcott CB shop is ranked no#1 shop in the USA. Walcott Radio is the one-stop CB radio shop for all things CB and Ham Radio. Walcott has one of the nicest websites out of the CB radio shops online. It has quality products, which also give guarantees to the customers for their products and after sales services. Their customer service is very good and they seem to have a good order processing system as most stuff ships quickly. They have lots products like CB radios, CB antennas, ham radios, 10-meter radios, accessories, GPS navigation, radars, satellite TVs and dash cams etc. They also give the repair services and warranties with their products. The following listed address is the contact details and website for our viewer’s convenience

Website: www.walcottradio.com

2940 N. Plainview Rd, Walcott, IA 52773 USA.

Call: 1-844-925-2688

Email: contactus@walcottradio.com

You can buy your favorite products form these CB Radio Dealers, by visiting the site or giving them a phone call.

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