CB Radio Culture & Modern Technology

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Before the advent of cell phone technology, CB Radio Culture was predominant throughout the world. Although cell phones have largely taken over as the main form of communication, CB radios are still supporting this infrastructure in many ways.

cb Radio culture

cb Radio culture

There’s a huge portion of the population who weren’t even alive during the CB craze of the 1970s. It was the equivalent of facebook, twitter and chat rooms all in one — a technology that let you reach out to others in different places, meet people and share information somewhat anonymously.  CB really hit its peak around 1978, with movies and songs devoted to it along with numerous magazines. All the major car manufacturers offered a CB option in their vehicles, and everyone knew what “Breaker 19” and “Smokey” meant.

It is possible that you might have heard about the CB Radio culture from your father and you might have been idealizing it so far. But if you start such communication yourself today, you will find the main essence of the technology to be the same. CB Radios offer their most effective use when any emergency strikes the nation. You can have the best CB radio in about $100 and if the expense of the accessories is added to this amount, then you total investment will lie within $200, all this without the hassle of getting yourself licensed. The good part is that the federal, state, or municipal utility services will not hinder CB Radio Culture from spreading effectively. People from any social and demographic class can operate CB radio without any license.

CB Radio Culture is still followed by the truck drivers for highway communication. They do so by tuning into channel 19 particularly. Apart from all the benefits, CB Radios have a sharply varying range that is the biggest disadvantage. This variation can be due to the weather conditions, terrain or the time of the day and this change in range can be from few miles to many thousand miles.

A post by Reddit User: (LondonPilotThe role of CB radio in modern day truck-driving

“I was watching an episode of World’s Most Dangerous Roads about the Dalton Highway in Alaska, and I was surprised at how important the CB radio was. I thought CBs were only used by truckers in Smokey and the Bandit! It got me wondering how widespread the use of CBs is.

I’m interested in answers from different countries – please state what country your answer relates to. I’m also interested in the differences between different environments, for example city/motorway/rural/remote areas. Google seems more interested in either selling me a CB, or teaching me all of the common slang, rather than telling me about how they’re actually used! Thank you.” Source: London Pilot

CB Radio Culture of the 1970s

During the 1970s, the famous TV shows such as the Dukes of Hazzard and B.J.and the Bear, popular Hollywood movies like the Smokey and the Bandit and The Cannonball Run along with some thrilling songs such as Convoy depicted the fame of CB radio and the impact of CB Radio Culture in that era.

CB Radio Culture also featured a unique language based on some strange ten-codes jargon and slangs. Each of the ten-codes held some important meaning that conveyed clear message to the listener. Ten-codes were basically used by the law enforcement officers, and the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO) was the name behind their invention. In 2005, the order of discontinuing these codes was issued by the US federal government.

CB radio had many uses, one of which was to make others aware of the police speed traps and the conditions prevailing on the roads. CB Radio Culture evolved more diversely with the emergence of the CB slang developed by the CB users themselves. CB operators gave many amusing names to the state troopers or highway troopers such as bears or smokies as they had the same official appearance as those working in the United States Forest Service. There were special phrases specified for these professionals such as a bear in the air that signified a police helicopter, or a Smokey in a plain brown wrapper that signified an unmarked police car.

Getting started with CB Radio

CB radio hardware can be of many types. Moving in the ascending order, walkie talkies are available that are portable and easy to use. It has its antenna incorporated into the body of the unit. You will be able to access all the 40 channels through this device, under the same output power specification of 4 watts, but the less powerful variants are also available that are used by the kids as toys. Then there are Mobile CB Radios installed inside vehicles with their antennas mounted on the highest point on the outer side of the vehicle.

Twitter is the latest addition to the CB Radio Culture

Twitter can be regarded as CB radio of today’s age. It is because both the CB radios and Twitter have lost in obscurity after touching their apex of success. Now there are many alternatives available to both these entities that were once considered as the giants in their fields. However, CB Radio Culture cannot be declared extinct as it is still followed by many segments of the society. There are many organizations and individuals who prefer using the CB radios for emergency communications.

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Many are not interested in CB Radios now days. They think that latest gadgets have replaced CB Radio Culture. Discussion between Two Facebook users

cb radio culture

Source: Facebook

William Alexander, Jason M P Pettman.

CB radio failure can be attributed to many different factors. There was the emergence of A-holes that bought the illegal transmitters that interfered with the electronic activity happening within their range. Although Twitter did not feature such a usage because it was up to the user who they want to connect with and who they want to ignore, but still this app has lost its charm greatly due to many other factors. Twitter also allowed the users to keep their activity restricted to the people they like but the CB radios actually exposed the users to many unwanted intruders who ruined the image of the service altogether. There were no means to keep the conversations safe from being leaked out. These reasons along with many other became the last blow to the wall of CB Radio Culture.

Now share your opinion with us, what you think about CB Radio Culture. Does Federal Communications Commission need to take steps that will raise the use of CB Radio Culture?

Comment below your thoughts.

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