Loveland shop helps spread the CB Radio Craze

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The CB Radio craze that appeared on the scene surely marks the zenith of  CB radio success when there was almost half of the world involved into this wonderful hobby. Over the passage of time, this amazing CB Radio craze waned a great deal but there are enthusiasts who have kept this CB culture active and productive till date.

One such example is Paul Tate, who is a local businessman involved into the CB Radio craze since the 1960s and has been pursuing this hobby in the form of a CB Shop in Northern Colorado since 1987. Recently he has shifted his shop to the new address; 124 S. Cleveland Ave. in downtown Loveland, and is very happy with the new place and the new spirit.

“Back in the mid- to late ’70s, just about everybody had to have one”, he reminded of the good old days of CB radio popularity. There was a popular song sung by C.W. McCall titled as “Convoy” in 1976 that gave the CB Radio craze a new boost and anchored the CB slang firmly as a new language of communication. This song also introduced the concept of CB handles and gave an idea to the public how they were used.


Paul Tate, who launched CB Shop & More in Johnson’s Corner almost 30 years ago, fine-tunes a citizens band radio Tuesday in the shop’s new location at 124 S. Cleveland Ave. in Loveland.

During those times, due to the oil crisis, the truckers were bound to stick to the national 55 mph speed limit. Those truckers were paid more who could make deliveries faster under this speed limit. CB radios greatly helped these truckers in this task and informed them of the state troopers around. Because of the reliable image of the CB radios created during those days, most of the truckers still trust on the CB radios for many purposes.

Tate also showed how he was managing to deliver the services related to the CB radios to various trucking and oil-field-services companies in different areas. He introduced us to his daughter and shop co-owner Julie Herrington who contributed equally in making the shop successful.

“A lot of four-wheel-drive clubs use them for safety,” Herrington explained. “Cellphone service isn’t really great up in the mountains.” They also mentioned some other types of vehicles that require CB radio installation. They    include the recreational vehicle, vehicles normally  used for sales purposes and pilot cars, and load-  carrying trucks.

“You can’t do that on a cell phone because you don’t know the number of the guy coming towards you,” he explained while differentiating the cellphone service from the CB radio service.

Tate and Herrington proudly explained that CB radios surpass the cellular phone service in the mountainous areas. They told that their family members frequently used the CBs for coordinating with each other during their off-road journeys.


They mentioned specifically that a good CB radio installation can be completed quite affordably. It can be done in less than $100 covering both the CB radio and antenna installation.

The evolution of the Tate family business is a great example of the CB Radio craze relived. When this family relocated their home and business to Colorado in 1987, they started their shop at the Johnson’s Corner truck stop south of Loveland. This spot proved very beneficial for them as majority of truckers were the permanent visitors of this building and were delighted to see the new CB radio shop in the vicinity. But after the TravelCenters of America got the ownership of that truck stop in 2014, the family again had to relocate to a better place for starting anew with their efforts to spread the CB Radio craze.

They showed that their CB Shop & More sold CB radio brands like Stryker, Galaxy,  Uniden, Cobraand Midland along with all sorts of related antennas and accessories.

They moved to Greeley and established their shop in Loveland in April. Although the CB Radio craze was found to be decreasing in the new area but the customer base is growing gradually.

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“That’s partly because there isn’t anybody else in the area”, Tate explained the reason behind this scenario. The uniqueness of this shop is that it services the CB radios for the customers living in Colorado north of Denver along with selling all the best CB radio brands in town.

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