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Achieving Low SWR Reading in 15 mins

SWR shows the efficiency of the CB antenna in giving away the power generated by the radio to the atmosphere.

Achieving Low SWR holds great importance in CB system. If you are thinking…


Don’t Worry! After reading this guide completely you will be able to get low reading, it doesn’t matter which antenna you are using.

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5 Steps for Proper CB Antenna Tuning

CB antenna tuning holds a very important place in the installation process of a CB system. It determines how well the CB antenna will perform in coordination with the CB radio once it is properly tuned. You may require your antenna to work as effectively as it can be to optimize your radio’s transmission and reception power.This guide describes the complete process for tuning a CB antenna effectively to get the best results. Let’s discover it out !!! Continue reading

Inside Magnetic CB Antenna Mount

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Although there have been tremendous changes in the mechanical realities of these antennas over the passage of time, but some characteristics still have a lot of significance with respect to the antenna’s performance. An average magnetic cb antenna mount achieves its grounding when the magnetic base attracts the metal of the vehicle’s chassis. Continue reading