Things To Consider In Buying Your First Radio

Choosing the right radio is one of the most important decisions in the life of a new amateur radio operator or more specifically a ‘Ham’. There can be many options in the market that can blur your thoughts and can lead you to choose the wrong equipment for your first usage.

This choice can destroy your experience completely and you might never return to operating a Ham radio again. Sometimes the views of others can also change your mind drastically about your purchase.

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How Can You Improved Your CB Radio Installation In Apartment

A CB radio, with its complete set of accessories and properly installed antenna, will perform wonderfully well, no matter where it is mounted.

Generally these radios are mounted in the truck’s and used for on-road and off-road communication. But they are perfect for the home-based CB stations as well.

You can install your CB equipment even in your apartment but there is a special set of instructions that need to be followed for getting the CB radios on track while they are operating inside your apartment building.

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Ranger TR-966 SSB CB Radio

ranger tr 966 ssb radio

The Texas Ranger TR-900 Series includes a new face plate style and the “new circuit design” idea by Ranger Communications, Inc. Manufactured with ruggedness, durability, and reliability at the top of the priority list, which enables us to offer a 2-year guarantee. These models will fulfill your requirements for a high performance AM only or AM/SSB radio and do it with style.

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