The Best Mounting Locations for your Jeep CB Antenna

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jeep cb antenna

The CB Antenna is the most important tool of your CB radio system. But where you are mounting your jeep CB Antenna is as much important as your CB antenna selection.

Best Locations for Jeep CB Antenna

There are some of the best locations, where your jeep CB Antenna can easily give you the best transmit and receive according to your expectations. Here are, some of them:

Jeep Tire Rack Mount:

The first best location which we think is suitable for all jeepers, is the “Jeep Tire Rack Mount”. It is same as tail light mount and is compatible with JK style wranglers and is fixed with a hardware that lives on the tire rack. Same as the tail light mount, it is also covered with powder coating. And it needs little bit accommodation for proper grounding as well.

Understanding for this mounting location:

  • Firstly, you must have to confirm that, is your tire rack is in good condition? Mean “Is your tire rack has a perfect electrifying ground or not”. If yes, then it is a good news for you and if not, then you have to pass a ground wire to the mount.
  • As every Cb’er know that shorten the length of an antenna, higher the SWR (Standing-Wave-Ratio) which is not good for your CB setup. So, remember, always use the antenna whose length is at least two or three feet higher than your roof for best and clear receiving.
  • From Jeep Tire Rack Mount, You have to remove a bit of powder coating for making a good contact, because if you will not remove some of the powder coatings, then automatically, it will create some grounding issues.

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Fender CB Antenna Mount:

The second and one of the most famous options for mounting your CB Antenna is the fender mount or you can say “jeep hood”. It is also one of the best places where you can mount your Jeep CB Antenna easily, but it also depends on your jeep model too. Because every model of jeeps has its own mounts. If they are available, then you can easily attach the mounts to the fender by using the bolts. If the specific mounts are not available. Then buy the universal Fender Mounts but remember, you have to drill the holes for it.

Understanding for this mounting location:

  • You cannot use the two bolts universal fender mounts with 4’ antenna.
  • The mounts which are more than two bolts can easily handle the sky-scrapping antenna. We will always endorse you to use the spring in this kind of situation.
  • As discussed above that “shorten the length of an antenna, higher the SWR which is not good for your CB setup. (Standing-Wave-Ratio). So, remember, always use the antenna whose length is at least two or three foot higher than your roof for best and clear receiving when you are installing the CB antenna on a fender.
  • It is necessary for all our jeepers that make the path of the antenna coax right down the hood.

Jeep Tail Light Mount:

Another good option for mounting your Jeep CB antenna on your jeep is “behind the tail light”. Installation behind the tail light is too much effortless. Just only one thing you must have to remember and that is to remove the powder coating on the mount. (Remember, every Jeep model has its own mounts) Because this powder coating can make a huge trouble for you. It is a wall between you and your good contact. You can face some issues of grounding just because of this coating. So at first, you must have to remove some powder coating for making a good contact.

Understanding for this mounting location:

  • As every Cb’er know that shorten the length of the antenna, higher the SWR (Standing-Wave-Ratio). So, remember, always use the antenna whose length is at least two or three foot higher than your roof for best and clear receiving.
  • One of the most important thing which is very necessary for keeping in mind is, protect your vehicles from battering (Struck). Especially, when you’ve mounted your CB antenna in this location.

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  1. I have mounted Stryker SR-A10 CB antenna (trucker version) on fender mount and working perfectly, Great transmit and recieve.

  2. I popped SR-A10 CB antenna on the fender of my jeep, adjusted it as short as it would go and ran the cable in through the window as soon as I got it to test it out. I managed 1:1 SWR on channels 1 and 40 without even routing the cable nicely, and it stayed solidly mounted in the same spot on my fender doing 80mph on the freeway. I also was able to transmit and receive over 10 miles in an urban environment just fine. While I eventually decided to go with a more permanent antenna solution because I didn’t want to leave my window cracked all the time for the cable, this is a very good antenna, and I will be keeping it for intermittent use in my other vehicle, and as a backup for my jeep.

  3. Very nice info! I was wondering a source that have an info about better mounting location on my jeep, I have Stryker SR-A10 CB antenna and was thinking from few hours that where I could mount this beast on my wrangler. Thanks to Radiosguide for this best info highly reccomended for those who don’t know how to mount their CB antenna on their jeep. I am going to share it on my facebook wall.

  4. I mounted SR-A10 CB antenna on the Tail Light of my wrangler and used it for a few months. It worked well enough for the price. What I really liked about it is that it didn’t move at all even through some pretty serious snow and other inclement weather.

  5. I would like to try Fender CB Antenna Mount on my jeep very informative video. Thanks I will recommend this in my community.

  6. This article was a great find it does exactly what I was looking to do. Stryker SR-A10 CB Antenna was easily installed on Tire Rack and was easy to adjust to CB using a SWR meter. Magnet is strong enough to hold in position when driving at high speeds. Very informative blog Thanks.

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