Best CB Antennas of 2015

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The best 3 CB Antennas of all time. Let’s discover it out what makes these antennas as the highly rated CB Antennas in the market. We had analyzed them according to their durability, performance, affordability & their customer’s reviews. Let the  count down.

Number 3 :  Wilson 5000 CB Antenna

cb antennas wilson










This is without a doubt one of the finest CB antenna available. Great transmit and receive. Most of opinions about Wilson 5000 is not good for Off- Road journey.

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Product Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 9.8 inches


Number 2 : Joint Winners

A – Stryker SR-5K CB Antenna


cb antenna stryker sr-5k













SR-5K CB Antenna steals the top second position in market, Its DNA similar to Wilson 5000. But it is  high performance  antenna that’s tough enough to withstand daily abuse on a truck  and its affordable price make it top rated antenna in cb world. Powerful Magnet Mount

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Product Dimensions: 5.3 x 5 x 9.6 inches

B – K40 CB Antenna











We call K40 the "Black Cobra". K40 is the most durable antenna we have ever seen. If you are looking for a 10 or 11 meter (CB) antenna, you absolutely cannot beat the K40. You’ll have it down to 1.2 or better SWR in less than 5-minutes.

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Product Dimensions: 60.5 x 5.6 x 4.8 inches


Number 1 :

cb antennas 2015


If you are searching for Top Quality Antenna, Sirio is best of the best, you can easily pull off your trigger. Less static more receive, more transmit and firm magnet!!! In every test Sirio is better than all antennas in the market.

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Product Dimensions: 79 x 5 x 5 inches

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11 thoughts on “Best CB Antennas of 2015

  1. JASON

    I have a Stryker 5K. Very impress with it. Talk skips from Vegas to Finland, Japan, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Solomon islands. Stryker 5K AWESONE

  2. Tony Burnett

    Bought the SR-5K for my SR-955HPC I’m very pleased with the performance. Quality is very good, it was easy to set up and tune. The magnet is very strong. West Coast Mall’s price was unbeatable everywhere I searched. Their customer service was very fast to ship.. I am winning on this deal.

  3. sean

    dont even know how the K40 even made it in the top 3 sirio 4000 the top wilson 5000 and sirio performer 5000 K40 belongs in a bin

  4. ricky

    i switched to sirio and was amazed my for the first 25-30 miles away receive signal was even with 102″ whip on transmit I got 2 more on signal , now when I matched up with Wilson 5000 it receives 2 less and transmits 3 less than sirio the antenna is amazing and I concur its the new king antenna

    1. Stewart

      Ricky, It’s just not possible for a 79″ long antenna to perform better than a 102″ long one. If that was what you found then There must have been something seriously wrong with the installation of the 102″ one.
      Can you explain what you mean by “I got 2 more on signal , now when I matched up with Wilson 5000 it receives 2 less and transmits 3 less” What units are you refering to?

      1. ricky

        siro does not perform better than a whip, for the first 25 miles the receive is same for both transmit is 2 more on signal with whip, at 75 miles the whip smoked the sirio on transmit and receive, the Wilson 5000 had less on receive and transmit than sirio by around 2 on signal meter

  5. ken Walton

    How do you make your determinations, you have somebody give you a radio check and compare radio signal strengths, you use an antenna analyzer to properly tune them, do you check power handling capability, or what. You article does not show how you quantify the antennas….a hint would be nice to see your methods….

  6. Stevie

    with my Sirio 5000 and Stryker 955 if I can hear it I can talk to local or DX. It performs equal to my 17″ shaft 10K and my 102″ whip.


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