Best 10 Meter Radios of 2018 – Radios guide

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10 meter radio is next step after Citizen Band. For running a 10 meter equipment you need to have technician class license. To have great contact you know the importance of powerful equipment. The powerful 10 meter radios equipment’s give you the option to enjoy more activity & have more range.

10-meter radio equipment is available in various models and price. If the equipment is valuable then it can do a great job for you. Radios Guide presents you the 3 best ten-meter radios that are really good to use. Let’s take a look.

1. Stryker SR-955 10 Meter Amateur Radio with Single Sideband

10 meter radio stryker 955

Stryker SR-955 10 Meter Amateur Radio is top of the list. You might consider it to be the Cadillac of amateur radios. It is excellent for SSB and is both. But it shines of SSB. The backlit faceplate is in 7 colors, which makes it the best design in the radio industry. Using this unit during the night is really easy. Yes, of course, we can’t ignore clarifier used. It provides you best option of choosing the fine and clear control of transmitting or receiving. You also have an option of selecting the range of clarifiers between fine and coarse. Stryker 955 allows you to select between 6 Roger Beeps. We considered it top of all 10-meter radio for the price.

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2. Stryker SR-655 10 Meter Amateur Radio

best 10 meter radiosIf you want effective transmit & receive then there is no other than Stryker SR-655 radio. One of the finest 10-meter radio crafted by Stryker. The best thing we love about this radio is backlit LED faceplate with amazing 7 colors. If ever wants to rank top a radio you can’t comprise on performance & looks. And surely Stryker SR-655 have both of them. Knobs are strong enough so that they can handle rough treatment.

There are six (6) different roger beeps that can be controlled by just one switch which is located at front panel. SR-655 can be easily customized and programmed using your PC or Laptop. So you can also customize the tune/beeps by using PC. It is the highest power 10-meter amateur radio tested so far.

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3. Galaxy DX98VHP 200 Watt 10 Meter Radio

Galaxy DX98VHP 200 Watt 10 Meter Radio

It is a great 10-meter amateur radio. Out of the box, these models look excellent and it is the solid buy for active radio operators. This model from Galaxy can push 200 watts of modulation with 8 IRF250 MOSFET final transistor. DX98VHP gives the highest output for all Galaxy models available. Due to the additional output power, there is now two internal quiet temperature controlled fans to provide airflow over the enlarged heat sink. This radio has very easy read power meter on the front so you can keep eye on the things at the same time. Also, you can adjust the dimmer light for night driving. Galaxy offers two years of warranty with this radio.

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All these are BEST 10 Meter Radios in Market

You will be glad to spend on these 10-meter radios. They are considered out class radios in the market. Before buying your system, it’s better to do research. But if you don’t have time buy the radio we had reviewed. Best of LUCK!!!

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