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Ways To Get Your own HAM Radio License Within 7 Days

The HAM Radio license, it appears, is one of the most significant prepping mysteries. Communications will be very necessary for any kind of calamity, be it a local disaster, a regional event like Katrina, or even an all out grid down event. I myself dropped prey to the notion that getting a license was scheduled to those who didn’t have friends and lived in their mother’s basements. Heck, the earlier requirement of understanding Morse Code has been sufficient to turn me aside. Thankfully, Continue reading

A Step by Step guide for HAM Radio Hobby

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Amateur or the Ham  radio is meant to be a means of communication for the public while being a fun hobby at the same time. The word “Ham” seems ambiguous sometimes because of its unknown origin with respect to this amazing service but it is widely accepted, though. Some people take it as a nickname for the Amateur radio operators while the others use it in a negative sense. Hams have their unique motives  to pursue this hobby but the things that unite them are know-how of the radio technology, strict adherence to the rules of the service and decent way of operating over the network.

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So what QSL card actually means?

Part of the fun of amateur radio is collecting cards, called QSL cards, from other amateurs that you’ve msde contact with on the radio. Some people like to collect stamps form various parts of the world but hams collect QSLs. If you are also a stamp collector you will find that often a card comes from a distant country with an interesting stamp on the envelope. Continue reading

Achieving Low SWR Reading in 15 mins

SWR shows the efficiency of the CB antenna in giving away the power generated by the radio to the atmosphere.

Achieving Low SWR holds great importance in CB system. If you are thinking…


Don’t Worry! After reading this guide completely you will be able to get low reading, it doesn’t matter which antenna you are using.

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9 Steps for Installing CB Radio in JEEP Liberty

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]CB radios have been in use for off-road and on-road communication for a very long time. But the main issue lies in the method you choose for installing the CB equipment in your vehicle. It is recommended that you go for the simplest and the cheapest way to install everything so that you can save your time and money. As a general guideline, you can follow the following process to make the most effective CB radio installation successful.

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