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Stryker SR-955HP & Asymod III Asymmetrical Hi-Fi AM & eSSB Transceiver


The receiver section in this Stryker 955HP has been upgraded to a Hi-Fi receiver. A 6 kHz bandwidth / 455 kHz IF AM filter has been installed and the audio amplifier section has been upgraded to enjoy and hear the audio from other AM & SSB Hi-Fi stations with clarity without the need to spend hundreds of dollars in external Hi-Fi receivers. (A good quality external speaker is recommended for better results).

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9 CB Radio Features You Should Look For


In this article, Radios Guide will suggest you the best 9 CB Radio Features, and they must be considered before you take a buying decision. CB radios are restricted to 4 watts of broadcasting power by sudden rules & regulations. So, the variations between the wide ranges of models available to radio dealer lie typically in the features offered. Several features are amusing to use, while others are seen as crucial by a list of radio users. Nonetheless, this is so forth a controversial matter of different sentiments & features, individuals desires may vary according to the usage of the radios. Understanding which features are accessible will allow individual to make an additional knowledgeable buying decision. Choosing the best CB radio is an essential part before you buy a radio. Continue reading

‘Ice Road Truckers’ star Darrell Ward dead at 52

16-1-758x392The post reads, “It’s with great sadness to report we have lost our Montana Legend at the young age of 52. Darrell Ward had just left The Great American Truck Show in Dallas, Texas where he enjoyed meeting numerous fans and friends and was heading to Missoula to begin filming a pilot for his new documentary style show involving the recovery of plane wrecks when he and his co-pilot crashed and lost their lives.”

star Darrell WardThe message continues, pointing out Ward’s love of family, giving back to the community and, of course, trucking. He recently finished filming the current season of “Ice Road Truckers,” which he discovered was renewed for another season that will begin filming next winter.

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Season 10 of the popular series returned to HISTORY on August 4, which featured Darrell along with his partner, Lisa Kelly. Ward became very popular — over the past four seasons — for his fearlessness in traveling dangerous terrain. As well, he was well known for his reputation for helping other truckers in need — even his rivals.

According to Missoula County Sheriff’s Deputy Ryan Dunster, an investigation is currently under way regarding the cause of the wreck.