To Beginners Who Want To Tune CB Antenna – But Can’t Get Started

coax cable cb antenna

Trucker’s and OFFROADER’S

CB Antenna are quite easy to Tune. Yes, you are hearing it RIGHT.

It’s easy to Tune…

How to Install a CB Antenna ?

There is a wide variety of CB antennas available in the market and each has a different installation process to be followed.

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Discover How To Install Coax Cable

coax cable


Just like the body organs cannot function properly without the blood vessels connecting them together.

The different components of a CB system are also rendered useless if they are not connected to each other through a good quality thick Coaxial Cable or simply called the Coax.

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Ranger TR-966 SSB CB Radio

ranger tr 966 ssb radio

The Texas Ranger TR-900 Series includes a new face plate style and the “new circuit design” idea by Ranger Communications, Inc. Manufactured with ruggedness, durability, and reliability at the top of the priority list, which enables us to offer a 2-year guarantee. These models will fulfill your requirements for a high performance AM only or AM/SSB radio and do it with style.

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