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It’s Not Easy Selecting One —

Unless You’ve Got The Facts In Advance!

One of the most often asked questions we received is “Which is the best CB set in the market?” That’s like asking, “Which is the very best car in the market?”

If you are only going to drive at 25MPH to and from the neighborhood shopping center then you can pick up a second (or third) hand putt-putt special with the bumpers dragging on the blacktop and, for your needs, it might well be the very best car in the market. On the other hand, if you like to make like Dan Gurney at traffic lights, then perhaps nothing less than raked “Funny car” is the very best car on the market. If you want class, with steady, trouble-free operation over the years, then maybe a Bentley is the best thing on wheels for you. This for you is the key here- and so it is with CB Rigs.

There is no very best rig in the market and the only people you can hear making such statements these days are people who luckily purchased a CB set which happens to suit their needs- for them it is the set around. For you, it may be too much or too little set. You are the one who must decide what your needs are and then start eliminating those sets which are not directly suited to your needs and budgets. While there is no denying that some rigs are inherent of better overall quality than others, you will find that the vast majority of CB rigs are well designed, well built, and well suited to a particular communication need.

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Today’s CB transceivers are a far cry from the early efforts which were produced 10 years ago. When the CB channels were first made available to the public. One reason is that manufacturers have advanced their technical capabilities and can now use highly efficient tubes, or sophisticated solid-state devices. Things like Nuvistors weren’t even invented when CB sets first came out. Designers have added refinement to CB sets which clip, compress, and amplify and otherwise soup up the human voice. So that you get the maximum possible range. They have frequency synthesizing circuits which permit operations on all CB channels with a minimum of components, which keeps the price down.

They have come up with the receivers capable of pulling in the most feeble signal while filtering out even the strongest signals on adjacent channels. They have, in other words, learned the secrets of pampering incoming and outgoing radio signals to make them behave properly under the most adverse conditions. With the possible average of 100,000 CB transceivers yacking it up on each of CB’s 2 channels equipment of lesser stature just wouldn’t function.


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